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Eeveelution Z

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Recent Comments

That was crazy,ps I have necrozama In Pokémon ultra sun
Does eevee. Transform when asleep or just when he us knocked out
It is really well done as if you lived like that for a while
I just guessed it was a boy I didn't thing I was wright tho
Of course not XD
My life is really normal, I only created this story :3
Is this some what based on you life only with a lot of discusses to funnfuse is like the mutation and the nicrausma arms
I like your picture icon it gives away what eevee looks like in the end
Be four you click on it
Yes umbreon look at the icon with that
Ultra beasts
Unfortunately I don’t have so much time for draw, I’m sorry ^^;
Does eevee transform at night or is it only when he gets knocked out
Maby 2 times a week or more?
This is great but can it come out sooner? Instead of once a week could it come out more
The base of is front right leg should've been the same width as the front left leg, and then grown a lot more towards the paw.

That's how I wouldn't drawn that zoomed out perspective at least.
Wow he is psyco 😀😀
that punch XD anyway nice
Is because since the body is far the camera and Snorut is, for give the punch, the paw looks like big