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Eeveelution Z

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@Lotus don't you think you're pushing'em a bit much?
Plz make another page?!
My mode is never low!!!
Please continue!!!!!
You can only find me on ColorTherapy @DA- umbry17 on colour therapy my name is gardevoir_star_disappears !!! Please check out ColorTherapy and me!
Aaahhhhhh!!!!!( ̄^ ̄)
Please I wanted to continue
I’ll try, only mood too much low :/
I’ll try, but mood is really low :/
I’ll try to continue it, but I don’t promise nothing, mood is low <:/
Just need to to continue
Please I need more~~
More more more
@Excalibeon darn it, my finger slipped and typed "Loo"
Q1: is this comic gonna update.....
@Guest: it's a song