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Eeveelution Z

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It's ok don't stress yourself DA - Umbry17 I was just curious
Weaver weaves his own destiny he gonna avenge his parents
kitty use scratch kitty stated doing program not this scratch you idiot
good job weaver.
Saved in the last moment
(insert old meme here ) gtg fast gtg fast fast fast fast
@DA - Umbry17: not here to slander you but in my opinion the early pages of your comic has changed from the style of the eyes from being more puffy to now well i don't want to say but i do love the story for this comic.
Yap, is really cool!
ohhh he got a blow!!!!!!
yooooooo did you see the new trailer for the games!!!!???????
I’m sorry, but in this month I wants so much in mood for draw the page.
What took so long to make this page
is it me or does his look like his scarf is falling off going to revael all his secrets to weaver and He
Did you intend the Deku reference and/or vibe? Cause I'm liking it xd
and this is the moment of the gen start work
The return of the death hand
Wow did he get powered up!!!