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by metsuke
Y’all knew Clint gone half crazy from the ‘Nam, but when he returned home ten years later with tales of alien overlords we figured he gone full crazy. Rated T
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2 Months Ago


Y’all knew Clint gone half crazy from the ‘Nam, but when he returned home ten years later with tales of alien overlords we figured he gone full crazy. Rated T


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At least these Lizard guys don't quit! Nice violent action.
Sorry for the delayed response
Sounds interesting, some old school influences. It would be nice to see a redneck hero for a change! I am going to now look at all the new pages (been busy, this webcomic stuff takes forever, lol!)
Many thanks for reading, this is one of my fav pages :D
Redneck "should" be back next week with two updates. Only one update this week as production on chapter two pages fell behind schedule because of having to take care of a million tiny little things.
Lol, no prob thx for reading :)
omgosh never mind lol that was clearly mentioned on the very first page!
So the lizard people have a human commander? gosh dammit it just got more confusing and interesting lol
Welcome to Redneck's "Zuda Page Eight"! Zuda webcomics was an off-shoot of DC Comics where every month ten webcomic creators would compete for votes in order to win a contract w/DC to update their webcomic on the Zuda website for $$$. The voting was based off of the comics' high concept, synopsis and first eight pages. Unfortunately the powers that be unceremoniously pulled the plug on Zuda along with a community of fans and creators a few years ago. I'M NOT BITTER, just a little modern, internet, history lesson folks :) Please to enjoy Redneck Page the Eighth, Page the Ninth is scheduled for Friday!
@DesMac Solvec: Hi Desmac :D Thanks for reading :) Just to clarify Redneck is not a parody or farcical. It is adventure/sci-fi with a ton of influences including John Carter, The Incal, Tintin, Preacher, Larry Hama's GIJoe, Lone Wolf and Cub, Dune, tv shows like The Expanse, Thundercats, "V", the A-Team, I mean the inspire list goes on and on. Please look forward to reading some all-out action, alien worlds, starships, stories from Vietnam, 80's pop culture, and more. I promise Redneck won't take itself too seriously and there will be some comic relief, but for the most part we will be looking at tackling some tough issues like the effects of violence/vengeance, racism, sexism, and genocide.
Looks interesting.
You don't see a lot of characters like this in webcomics! Is this going to be like a John Carter-ish parody?
Double page update as promised! Enjoy the change of scenery :D
Zuda Page Eight scheduled for Wednesday, May 30
Somewhere around 1980 in a galaxy, far, far away...
Heyo Captain! I'm only running Smackjeeves, Drunk Duck and Twitter @ the moment. I'm def going to add Redneck to those other sites you mentioned, jot, jot, jot :)
Hey again! are you on other web comic sites by chance? i like smack jeeves but i use it like 3rd most and was wondering if i could follow you on like webtoons or comicfury? if not ill just keep coming back here haha
Thanks for taking a look-see, DOUBLE PAGE update this Friday!
Follow @ClintDwayne for extras. If you are into comics I will def give you a follow back :)
If comments were a commodity then yours would be solid gold! Thanks :)
This comic has me very curious. Super curious. Mega curious even. Should i dare say it? OK It has me super mega ultra fantastic curious
H'yell No!
Special thx go out to Mikayla Hopper for her awesome colour work and to co-creator C.S. Hughes for being an expert on all things SOMD, the 80s and modern pop culture. Updates twice weekly, Wednesday and Friday. Thx for taking a look 0_0