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PMD Evolution

A collaboration between me and author TokoWH. Updates Mondays!
Special thanks to Otto for putting this website together!

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I wanna scritch his chin.
@Snapinator: Hah, I can only imagine the kind of response this'd get in any of the other games, or even in an actual PMD setting. Love the receptionist's response XD
I'll say this now. I LOVE getting to see the humans and the world they come from. I wish we had a PMD game where you got to run around a more human place for a bit, or even have a way to constantly return or something. It'd be cool.
When comments from web comics make you sanity
Just mentally nuke them and hope it comes true
@Snapinator: Thats not good... Just know that there are a lot of people who care :) and that we can all wait as long as you need :) (Not trying to be pressuring or anything in saying that)

We appreciate your effort and art through tough times, Hope you feel better soon...
@Guest: Just outright salty.
They Certainly took their time to let him escape that easily.
Bullies could have been a cause
If it was then fight back
My dream is to nuke there house obviously I can't do that though
Such a shame that's I can't
February 20th, 2019
@Snapinator: your not alone a lot of people have depression too i hope you can pull on that as well.
@comercole: It's fine to ask!

Truth be told, I've really been struggling with depression these past few weeks. It's killed my ability to draw too.
February 16th, 2019
@Snapinator:are you OK sorry to bother?
February 14th, 2019
@Snapinator: It might not have to be entirely a matter of technology, some Pokemon natural abilities might be sufficient or at least make the process easier.
Invalid opperation exception: Cant throw exceptions across threads without invoking
Cartoonist timed out please check you connection to Smack Jeeves.You may also want to go to a place with faster days like Jupiter.
oh wow that is a good analogy XD i like your comic so far
Let me fulfill your sentence ... but seriously fuck yourself bitch old thing that has no intuition of public relations
a prof. i respect really much once told me a story " Two Planets meet Planet one asks Planet two 'oh you look awful what's wrong?' Planet two responds ' Oh I got Homo Sapiens' Planet one says in return ' Oh don't worry they will be gone sooner or later apparently they will try to extinguish every life that's on you because of pure evilness' " I just translated it to English from German. I think a world without Human wouldn't be peaceful. But other animals then Humans (Yes we are Animals) wouldn't love to destroy their own living space.
i like it
Oh boy, that can't be good.