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Pokemon MD: Song of the Bamboo Flute

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Long time no see
Yeah yeah, I know I know it’s been two months but I finally got it. I decided I’ll be posting the pages randomly from now on, since I always struggle with the motivation to do different kinds of art, anyway I’m back now and I hope to be posting the next page real soon.
June 13th, 2018
For years I’ve been in love with Japanese culture, especially manga. While I may not have started with Pokémon manga to read, I still plan to continue drawing my comic in manga style.
It’s been a week since my last post, but I have reasons. Recently my family went on vacation making it hard for me to find time to sketch out everything. Well with that I’ve decided to post only once a week, due to summer assignments and when school starts back up I’m bound to be unable to draw like I used too. Next page will come out sometime next week after Monday.
Ah don’t worry the next one is coming out this Thursday, I was on a trip and I didn’t have time to draw it.
Sorry if pressuring you, but it has been a week since the last part came.

If you are busy with exams or something I understand
Thank you, that really means a lot.
IMO, I think your art style's just fine! I really like it.
Hello there
Pleased to see you on my page, I’m Sap a new author to Smackjeeves. With the arrival of my first comic, I hope to post two times per week, and with this expect the first official comic page to come sometimes around Thursday or Friday. Each character presented plays a key role in the prologue, I plan to do characters pages for every chapter that aren’t continuing from the last one.
May 30th, 2018
Thank you
For the longest time I’ve wanted to draw this comic, but I’m still learning shading techniques and I plan to take art classes to help improve my art style overtime. However I will not create updated versions of the older pages unless everyone starts begging me to once I get better.