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Sensory Cortex

To be added.

Some comic pages may Contain: Adult language
Updates Wednesdays.


Recent Comments

I couldn't keep you from another update, so I decided drawing some concept for the medical department.
September 26th, 2018
Whew! got this done a few minutes ago.
Didn't have a lot of time between driving lessons, learning for the theoretical exam and walking my dog.
But still, here it it, right on time... sorta... ah, what the heck.
September 19th, 2018
I don´t know why but I needed until about nine in the evening for this page.
Damn, what´s wrong with me? Probably the jogging I did in the morning.
September 12th, 2018
I guess with no sight she can´t know what her looks might do to a guy.
September 5th, 2018
And I´m back to the usual routine. Feels good though.
Tried a different ink pen this time (brush).
August 22nd, 2018
Got back home a little late from driving classes yesterday. Wasn´t sure if I´d make it in time.

So... enjoy!
August 15th, 2018
I think one of my markers is empty...
August 8th, 2018
Hm, heat got into my head this time. wrong color order on the buildings.
Not to forget my damn blue sketch-pencil is much too short.
Oh well, next time.
August 1st, 2018
Welp. tried adding a better background view out the window of the transport.
Looks better then before.
July 25th, 2018
Switching from 0.8 mm to 0.5 mm inks for the characters I think that looks slighty better.
July 18th, 2018
Ah, yes... kids and their questions.
July 11th, 2018
What I did wrong: 1. Water, 2. The sky

Oh well, next time I know.
July 4th, 2018
Hm, not too bad.
June 27th, 2018
Who doesn´t want quick reflexes?
June 20th, 2018
Didn´t see that coming, huh?
June 13th, 2018
Okay, Wednesday sounds good as an update schedule.
June 6th, 2018
Meet Clarissa Norpack, my arctic wolf.
And another comic. Let´s see how long I can keep this up.