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Strange Waters

Strange Waters follows an atypical detective agency as they navigate cases on the water-world of Marecis. Mystery, Adventure, Science-Fiction. Updates Wednesdays!


Recent Comments

Double Update 12/12!
If you are reading this, in an astonishing and unexpected turn of events I updated the comic (at all??? shocking!) not once but twice!
Early update because I'm an idiot and forgot my computer this weekend!
Resuming updates
Sorry for the radio silence guys! I just moved across the city so things have been crazy!
No Update Saturday
I'll be on a business trip for my real job, so no update Saturday! Thanks for reading
No update for the 4th of July so here's the Saturday update first thing in the morning! Literally!
Late update (oops)
Hey sorry my power went out so the update got pushed back a day. Sorry!
@Hanabi Q. Knob: Wow!! Thanks so much! I'm excited to get this going and I hope you enjoy it.
Haven’t seen the first launching, but the description, cover, and art style of the first page already has me hyped.
The Beginning!
Welcome to Strange Waters, the sort of 'second launching' of a project I've always wanted to do for fun! Enjoy!