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Welcome to the Haunting

Across 4 chapters, “Welcome to the Haunting” tells the stories of five different, but none the less dangerous, entities. From mirror demons to stalking shadows, the series will follow these characters and delve into what makes them who they are.

Inspired by the VOCALOID EP of the same name and author. Currently, updates 2 pages every other Saturday.


Recent Comments

One Whole Year!!
Hello, and surprise upload!

Today, the 16th, marks Lady in the Mirror's first anniversary and I wanted to draw just a little something to celebrate. I won't do this every year but I wanted to do it this year because I honestly did not expect to make it this far. I've stated this in my about me page but years ago when I tried my hand at making a webcomic I failed ever so miserably. And while I knew at that start of THIS comic that I was getting off on a better foot, I still had my doubts that I could keep this up. But here I am. A whole year later and I still feel really good about this project! I can keep going and I can't wait to start drawing up pages that will really push the story forward.

So, thank you so much to any and everyone who has given my work the time of day. I've made mistakes, it's nowhere near perfect, and there have been days I've struggled but I am always doing my absolute best. I'm overall happy with the outcome and I truly appreciate any support I get. Thank you!

Stay tuned for your regularly scheduled update this Saturday!! We still have a little bit of time before we see her again but the next time Réflel shows up she won't be alone...
We're back!!
Thank you everyone for being patient with me~ I know hiatus' are never fun but it was necessary and it is good to be back!
March 16th, 2019
Lighting/Color Change
You might notice the lighting in these pages is lighter than they were previously and I promise it was done on purpose; just trying to improve some things here and there and figured the lighting outside of Orville's office could be lighter. I'll be going back and fixing the previous pages when I have the time.
February 2nd, 2019
Poor guy...
I feel a little bad for him, but it'll be worth it...kind of. We'll be learning more about Orville soon~
January 19th, 2019
These last couple of pages have been one of my favorite scenes that I've written for this chapter, honestly. But what I'm really here to say is I went back and edited some recent page inconsistencies. I'm not perfect so things slip through in the name of getting updates out on time; so I took a couple of weeks to just go back and fix some of them up. If you noticed them...thanks for not making fun of me lol If not then I suppose there's nothing to worry about?

Thanks for reading and I'll see you guys in February!
December 22nd, 2018
Thank you and Happy New Year!
This is my last update for the year! I won't lie, I honestly didn't think I'd make it this far given my track record when it comes to making comics. But I'm glad I've made it and I want to thank any and all readers for giving me, Réflel, and her story the time of day. You encourage me to keep drawing and to continue posting pages. Even on the hard days when I'm not too proud of the end product and want to delay or quit ;; It happens, but I push through it.

So, thank you so very much and I'll see you guys in 2019!!
*Side note: Testing this new uploader out and since it allows me to post author comments while queuing pages up you guys may just be hearing more from me in the new year~