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Sabrina the Psychic

Sabrina the Psychic

by wykner
Emotionally scarred teenager becomes an apprentice to the person she tried to kill. Nothing could go wrong.
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Sabrina the Psychic

Emotionally scarred teenager becomes an apprentice to the person she tried to kill. Nothing could go wrong.


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As champion, Cynthia receives not only accolades but the duty of Only Sane Women in the room.
Meanwhile, Lu is not the friend that you want to trust with any kind of oven, microwave, or timer related task.
On that note, can you believe that Sabrina was sitting out in the rain for two and a half hours immediately preceding a battle assumedly for her own survival?
Unfortunately, I can.
Lu, I love you, but I'm not sure what you were expecting when you asked the someone who seems to be pissed at/deathly scared of you to become your apprentice.
The plot of this comic starts out before Sabrina has truly begun her position as Saffron City Gym Leader. Or is even a legal adult.
Not, according to Pokemon, that the two seem to be connected.
July 9th, 2018
Lucian vs. superhero cosplay. Who will win?
Let's Play Guess the Psychic
Introducing three of the main cast.
Are they important? Probably.
July 8th, 2018
Let's Get This Thing Started!
Hey, Wykner here!
Welcome to Sabrina the Psychic, a webcomic following the adventures of an underprepared 17-year-old going on adventures and being forced to deal with her crap. Also a wide cast of Pokemon characters likely as you've never seen them before-- either for better or for worse.
A few notes:
Number One: I'm basically writing this comic with the assumption that anyone from their teens to their eighties might read it. That means no nsfw and no swearing worse than "crap" or "shit." If that's somehow a dealbreaker, this comic probably isn't for you.
Number Two: Because of the status of my life right now, this is probably the only digital picture you're going to get from me for a while. I seriously do wish it could be different but... it's just not in the cards. The Pokemon cards. ;)
Number Three: I've wanted to start this comic for a pretty long time so if your reading this, thanks for helping out.