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Horse Age

Horse Age is a graphic novel about prehistoric horses living and surviving in semi-real pleistocene era, also known as the Ice age

This novel can contain violence, blood or intimate themes


Recent Comments

Looking forward to seeing a new page! Hope life’s going well for you
@Sun: Yes, the foal looked back :) it will be considered in next pages (no his name was not mentioned yet)
Yes, Tiris was protecting the herd by preventing the younger cat to approach. Later the older cat attacked, Tiris rushed there and so he opened the herd from the back. It's not ussuall cats would attack after ruining the first strike but this momma cat was too desperate. That's why she took the last strength she had to get at least some smaller and slower horse :/

Awww thank you so much qwq I am glad you like it so far! <3 Thank you for your compliments!

Yes I kinda do ^^ especially the recent hunt scene was too complex to plan...
@Thatoneguest: Yes, exactly as you say. It was too unfortunate moment when everything went worse than all of them expected :<
It all happened too fast to be able to point fingers on who did wrong.
@F-phake: Yes ^^; there's noone right neither wrong.
@Seruta: Heheh, for sure :D
This mare is just speaking out of anger ^^"
@NikuComics: :< she's a little star now
@Thatoneguest: :< I am sorry
But someone did look back. The foal (has his name been mentioned? I actually tried to find it by backtracking) looked back. I guess that is something important? Also it is interesting that Tiris was running next to Siatra in one of the aerial shots but didn't notice her. I guess he was concentrating on distracting the young cat without getting attacked himself. Actually when Momma cat attacked the mother mare I think her name was Kativa, I noticed Tiris runs to help her, but this distracted him away from watching the slower horses at the back.

I'm impressed by the quality of your work, art, story, characters and all. Do you spend lots of time planning and drawing?
I agree with seruta in that she could’ve picked her words better, but I stand by my rant on the previous page. (Still adore this comic by the way!) It was honestly momma mare who’s in the wrong and needs to calm down. Yes the goal death is tragic and I was super saddened by it. But the orange colts mom (the one who looked back) straight up murdered a bush at the mention of karza. (Rip bush) she should’ve taken care of her filly.
December 17th, 2018
@Bughs: the art is really nice and your taking on some heavy themes, im super excited for it :D
December 17th, 2018
i mean...they are both right
@Bughs: I mean, she is kinda rude but I'm not choosing side here. xD
December 17th, 2018
I guess what she -should- have said was:
"You are just as much to blame as we are by your logic."
Probably would have had a better result...
... probably.
December 17th, 2018
@NikuComics: ^^" and at this point brown mare realised she messed up!
December 17th, 2018
@F-phake: Welcome! ;w; I am happy you like my comic so far!
December 17th, 2018
@Thatoneguest: Awww Thank you so much <3 I am happy you like the comic so far!
December 17th, 2018
@Thatoneguest: Yes, exactly, thank you for pointing it out ^^ They will try to explain it to her soon.
December 17th, 2018
@GriffKing: Unfortunatelly all horses were in blind panic run. There was one allert done by the leader stallion and then all what horses do is just run. It's their natural way how to safe their lives. Animals with horns like buffallo tend to protect others and attacking predators or their kids just to prevent them to attack. But as it's said in the comic, horses don't have much to protect themselves and so they evolved into just relying on their legs.
I am trying to keep those horses at least semi-natural in the way they think.
Majiva is having a point but she is too "human" compared to other natural thinking mares. BUT this point is very important for the rest of the story because one horse will use Majiva's way of thinking to create a big change in horse lives ^^
December 17th, 2018
@Thatoneguest: Yes, exactly ^^" Majiva has a point but very unnatural for a horse. And by this point she is kinda a hypocrit, as you say ^^ she will be said on next pages.