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Spells for an Empty Pocket

A witch and her familiar try to solve a crime together.


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That took a while! Sorry! Life decided to go bananas and now it's taking some time to deal with it. I think I may decrease the quantity of pages per week to 2 for now until I can get back on the right track. I hope you guys understand! Thanks!
One day late, sorry! I'll probably be a little late on saturday, too, but sunday's page is an easy one so maybe I'll be on time then.
Just a heads up... The pages may start to be uploaded at weirder times because I caught a cold that caused a setback. I'm sorry! I'll try my best to have them done as soon as possible.
Thank you to everyone who subscribed!! It makes me really happy to know you're enjoying my comic so far! Speaking of which, if I randomly stop updating it's because my laptop died and I'll have to get a new one somehow. Dunno why this had to happen now after 3 years of being fine but ok, I guess.
i am gonna follow this ! quq i love the style and the story this far ! <3
ooh thats a great way !! :D not to much and not too little! hmm maybe should do something similar
aww poor thing :^: i wanna hug them and tell them its gonna be okay
I bit off more than I could possibly chew with this scene and ended up with 16 pages. I thought about it and decided I didn't wanna overload anyone with that many at a time so I'm going to start posting ~4 pages a month (sunday, tuesday, thursday, and saturday) and see how that works out. I may just start posting right after I finish a page, I don't know. Also I tried harder on the backgrounds this time!! ;___;
June 26th, 2018
Hi, this is my second time posting my comic online but I'm still just as nervous as the first time ( I wanted to see what this community was like compared to Tapas'... I hope you like it, though things are still very early in! If you're interested, there's an uncut version I put on Neocities (, too. There's a warning page after the title so make sure to read it!