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Love me more

Love me more

by Denshin
The story revolves around an innocent dork and her attempts to court a beautiful demon.

Read from right to left : )
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Love me more

The story revolves around an innocent dork and her attempts to court a beautiful demon.

Read from right to left : )


Recent Comments

is the poster on the right based on anything in particular?
Looks really good!
very Carmilla vibes, I'm into it
It's cool, starting to think this chick i'sent REDy for What s to come.
I'M SO SORRY ABOUT THE DELAY I had no internet for sooooo long and it killed my art vibe so hard hahahaha
BUT I'll update again tomorrow to make up for the lost week ;7 Maybe even today hahah

The dark pages will be over soon, DAMN I want to add more color already (t n t)
@TheLezbian monkey: Thank you! <3
I took a little break because I didn't have internet but I'll start posting again today c:
@TheLezbian monkey: Thank you so much!! <3 It means a lot ; u ;
(Haha yesssss)
dun dun duuunn ... Loving this
I love the start of this and how awesome even the background looks like .. ( also I see Stevens mother in the background )
Heheeeeh <3 OH BOY
@Gay(tm): Thank you so much!! ;u;
I just love your art style omg. Can’t wait for the next update
Sorry about the delay : ( first I got sick, and when I felt better, well, I just struggled with anatomy in all of the panels hahahahha
Enjoy! Next update will be in a week this time <3
Heads up: The comic is read from right to left. : )
@Elitha: Thank you! That's very sweet of you <3 I'm glad ; u ;

I personally really like it when creators update on time, because that way I'm always excited for a certain day of the week, and I'd like to give my readers that in the future : )
@Denshin: The longer it takes to make a better, the better it will be. I don't mind waiting for pages. Sometimes the creators just need to take a little longer to get it right. :)

I love the art style, it's cute. And, so far, I love the comic. I know it only really the first page, but I love it already. :D
First page!
I'm trying to keep the coloring simple so I won't take ages to finish a single page, but daaaamn it's hard, I'm itching to blend the shadows haha

(Struggled a bit to post this file, I hope it's visible now)
June 28th, 2018
Just the cover, folks.
I hope you'll like the rest, coming very soon ;7