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Sunstrike and Bluemist: An Origin Story

Sunstrike and Bluemist: An Origin Story

by ShaRose49
Kairo, a world weary double agent working for both the Secret Police and a strange and mysterious weapons designer, is suddenly tasked with training two very powerful super-mutant teenagers, Kat and Evan.
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Sunstrike and Bluemist: An Origin Story

Kairo, a world weary double agent working for both the Secret Police and a strange and mysterious weapons designer, is suddenly tasked with training two very powerful super-mutant teenagers, Kat and Evan.


Recent Comments

April 14th, 2019
Sorry about all the colour shifts, I’m trying to “master” colour theory and I was focusing on colours that are equally opposite each other on the wheel.

I think I’m gonna take this week off, to work on some portfolio projects, but don’t worry! I can never stay away from this for very long.
This page was implied than I thought!

Who is the man in the flashback?


Sorry, I can’t say much.
April 4th, 2019
Ugh, this page seemed to take forever. This is a lot for wasn’t even that long ago that he lost his mother and was suddenly a member of his uncle’s family, and now he’s gotta train with people he’s never met. And yes he’s somewhat self-conscious about his eyes.

Kairo is still working on purging the word “yellow” from his brain.
What have I done.

Sorry this isn’t that funny, I had to write it on short notice.
I tried to make the colour scheme even more warm after reading a Webtoon that used so many different shades of red...idk if it makes much of a difference but I always gotta experiment.

Her hand is tingling because of the electricity she generates constantly. Kairo is just a little awkward here, understandably. And also if you read the texts Kairo hasn’t replied to his sister in a month, ouch.
This page was super fun, I love making the lighting all warm and inviting! I kinda wish the window didn’t obscure the cityscape AND the car I drew, but oh well. Kairo meets them next page.
I should’ve at least made the characters in the bottom panel bigger if I wasn’t gonna draw a background...but I guess I’ll keep that in mind next time.

I’m so excited to draw the next page, the kids will be back! Kairo’s little intro is done, baby!
Chief’s greatest strength is not communication, especially when it comes to giving people a heads up. But he’s a nice guy otherwise.
March 9th, 2019
It’s about time we got to the part which the basic plot of my comic is based on. Geez
Sorry to disappoint, the next page is definitely not ready yet—but I figured it was high time I made one of these.
So...the children in the last panel aren’t random. They’re actually all important characters in the story. Sadly, we won’t see most of them for quite awhile, except after the Origin episodes are done we’ll see the dagger girl, but grown up. :)

Hopefully this isn’t disturbing to some of my younger viewers, I know my little sister was a little disturbed but not to the point where she was actually scared.

And as for Kairo’s random, snarky thoughts...we were all thinking them already, right? Lol.
February 25th, 2019
I’m so glad I pretty much got this up on time! I’m looking for a new job, one that’s hopefully a lot less stressful and doesn’t have supervisors who are nasty.

I want this conversation to go quickly because I want to draw Kat and Evan again X-p Sorry we didn’t get to see much of the lovely Drew guy, but don’t worry, we’ll see more of him eventually.
February 18th, 2019
This. Page. Was. A PIECE OF WORK. I’m almost mad at it for being so hard and detailed, even if it doesn’t look it. Thank you for your patience cause I’m losin’ mine XD.

So we have some cameos today! I’m sorry if they’re hard to notice, but we have Tolly from Keltyzoid’s Nightlight, Rhaj and baby Luns from Re-Eclipse, and the little robot girl on Drew’s table is an OC by my friend, check her out on Tumblr, she’s an amazing artist!!
February 10th, 2019
I know I may not have introduced Kairo very well at the beginning, but it’s kinda funny how he's this double-agent who steals and lies and yet can’t stand to see someone killed unjustly. But hey, I’m on his side in this particular scene.

Shading is finicky but worth it. With lighting I’m thinking maybe a slightly less-is-more approach will be better for me.
I like this page. Thanks for putting up with all of my experimenting.
February 3rd, 2019
The redhead is named Jerry. I let my little brother name all my extras. XD
January 29th, 2019
A friend helped me with shading a little today. Maybe that’s why I love this page so much.

I am not apologizing for that keychain
January 26th, 2019
Sorry this was late.

Hey Drake ya should be more appreciative! Oh wait maybe you shouldn’t...
January 19th, 2019
Let me know if anything doesn’t look right. I’m still learning. Does the sky look like pixie dust or is that just me?
January 13th, 2019
Sorry this was late. Work started up again and it’s been busier. This scene may seem a little weird, sometimes it’s hard to translate what’s in my head onto paper.
This is just an ordinary day at work for Kairo. I swear I’ll take more time to learn about lighting...
As you can see, a LOT of effort went into designing these random guards.
December 31st, 2018
It’s here!! YES!! I had so much fun with this page; it was so nice to draw Kairo again. This is just a brief flash-forward btw. We’ll be back to where we left off, but from Kairo’s point of view, next page.