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Oblivions Art Hell

Where my sucky art comes to die.

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What is this thing? Theroys:

Gen 8 new release:
Pros: shiny form, new cry, It’s just odd
Cons: Turns into ditto when caught
Pros:might be place holder really popular on internet
Cons: all the pros up there there already is a keldeon sprite with cry (no shiny tho)
Pros: No one has ever seen it before
Cons: Nintadic+Pkm co. Is better than that also all the pros for first one
Likeliness: 3.5/10
basically trolling everyone making a big deal out of this
Pros: It would be funny for nintandic to make fun of us
Cons: It would just be mean also ALL THE PROS OF THE FIRST ONE
What do you think+ witch one do you agree with?
Oblivion Umbreon
September 10th, 2018
Sorry shade wanted to make this good but I still suck!
For me Ghost: Spriteon
Rock: Crystaleon
Ground: you stole mine lol
Steel: Titaineon
Poison:That was also mine wtf dude (lol)
Fighting: Brawleon
alternate for cannon eeveelution types:
Water:Waveon or Misteon
Psychic: Paranomeon (par-Ah-NOrm-Eon)
Grass: Roseon
Ice: Frosteon
Fairy: Fablieon (like a fable is that how you spell it?)
@Oblivion Umbreon: The pokemon in the box at the end of the trailer IS A NEVER BEFORE SEEN POKEMON PROBABLY THE NEW EEVEELUTION U GOT THAT FROM THE DATABASE whitch is awesome by the way
@Oblivion Umbreon: Alternate names for Canon types
Electric: Thundreon
Fire: Pyreon
Water: Aqueon
Psycic: Mageon
Dark: Shadeon
Grass: Thorneon
Ice: Wintreon
Fairy: Pixeon
Ahhh kewl
@Oblivion Umbreon:
Ghost: Macabreon
Rock: Stoneon? Rubeon?
Ground: Terreon BC terra is earth?
Steel: Titaneon
Poison: Toxeon
Fighting: Champeon (Champion)
Normal: Ordinareon ( ordinary)
Light: Heleon
Sound: Noiseon
Cosmic: Celestion
Nuclear: Raidion
@Oblivion Umbreon: yes! Dragon or but or flying in hoping for.Dragon could be serpenteon or some other complicated thing none of us will guess. Bug new name: PANTALEON IT COULD BE A DRAGONFLY!!!!!!
and flying will definitely be Aiveon
Bc avial=birds or Cumbleon (kyoomleeon) bc the cloud of maybe Aireon but probably not
Yay thanks for mystery dungeon because I've wanted it my whole (pokemon fanatic) life!!!!
Also the button sounds awesome!!!!! Thanks!!!
Yea I hope it’s dragon type!!! And pmd is yours I have played it over 4 time already it’s geting boring and ahhh I miss you so much!! see you soon and o ya I got you a button that says loaf life with a cat load on it!!! Ahhh cya sooon fingers crossed for dragon eevee!!
@Oblivion Umbreon: sure we soon as I get back from San antonio. I don't have my computer with me do it and scratch on my tablet is a bit... Tricky
@Oblivion Umbreon: since I'm getting a xl some time in the future do you still want to give me PMD?
@Oblivion Umbreon: kewl i can't wait for it to come out SO WE CAN KNOW THE FRIGGIN EEVEELUTION ALREADY!!!!!!!!!
Oh and do u want to join SC and MC RP ( sunclan and moonclan Role play)
I will get switch with 100 to play pkm eevee and IOU 18 bucks so yea... lololol also don’t worry no one except u and me are on my art hell
My mom says I can hide out in my room for all of there play date (aka Andrew yipyaping and telling Sadie the things she’s doing wrong he also introduced her to a YouTube channel who’s just some married people playing Minecraft and click baiting everyone like: MY BF HAS A DEADLY ILLNESS aka: oh no your “bf” has a cold! Also they abuse their cat by locking him in a room when they are making vids ;~; poor kitty) anyways cool my mom says if I can save up 200 bucks by Xmas she will get some pkm Eevee SPAKLE ‘VEE HERE I COME! Anyways when u coming back? I see a sleeppppovverre in your future whoooooo whhooo....
@Oblivion Umbreon: also I'm getting a 2ds xl once I save the money for it i have 20 dollars and I need 110 more XD
@Oblivion Umbreon: I hate him already. I miss you too. I have the feeling I'm going to be starting soulsilver over and over and over again until the Cyndaquil is a SPARKLE SPARKLE SPARKLE