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@Tyler The Shiny Jolteon: is anyone there? (besides you)
@Tyler The Shiny Jolteon: no, others go right along with about 75% of your ideas.
@Flaming_Eclipse: Meh, so do I when I try to do the same thing, except for me I fail LITERALLY 100% of the time.
@Tyler The Shiny Jolteon: Even though I fail 98.99% of the time?
@Flaming_Eclipse: (I'll go check if anyone just got online, brb)
@Flaming_Eclipse: The way that you always try to help others! I look up to that!
@Tyler The Shiny Jolteon: How? I'm only three years older then you, and you haven't seen me in person. I have no friends, I'm depressed, and everyone including me call myself ugly.
@Flaming_Eclipse: Ya man! (also, your basically my idol)
@Tyler The Shiny Jolteon: OK...... Are Sky, Indy, or Gem on?
@Tyler The Shiny Jolteon: wow, really? All I do is force my ideas and screw up.
@Flaming_Eclipse: (I just checked, she isn't online.)
@pixlyJolt: What I mean is I got used to being in summer break. I have done stuff, just not school stuff. And my mind is like: Nope.
Anyway, And the face sign is me crying/whimpering.
Now as far as why here, I don't really know. ^_^'
@Flaming_Eclipse: I wouldn't use it on you to save my life! Your that great of a friend!
@Tyler The Shiny Jolteon: !?............ Not what I was expecting, but OK. And, Um, Abby, my dare, the date, ring a bell?
@Tyler The Shiny Jolteon: what DON'T I deserve it for? I'm constantly ruining the RP with my ideas that fail in the end. And more that I don't want to relive....
@Flaming_Eclipse: (That's because I enjoy it!)
@Flaming_Eclipse: Why? What would you deserve it for?