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Scythe Tail

A slice of life comic about a adopted mew living in a PMD universe.

Rated T+ for gay characters and language (maybe some death later on)

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O meh gosh! I FUCKING SEE IMPROVEMENT!!!!!!!!!!
Sorry this took so long I am a pice if shittttttt but to be fair I don’t have access to my computer so I did this on my phone with my finger because I don’t have a electronic pen thingy
breaking the fourth wall lalala it so fun! lalalala
yes so...I am sorry about the quality In my comics; this will sound like a lazy excuse but it was planed from the start of the comic that this is there memories of the time they first found scythe and this is what they felt like happened so yea thanks for understanding and your mediocre backgrounds will come back very soon (: oh and please submit a cameo if you have time , It would help a lot and shout outs to @leafyleafeon for the first cameo! tysm and it will help a lot!
Notes: She gives 0 shits and hates you all she hate you and you and you and you and that dude in the back you to and she isn’t the movie cheshè (is that how you spell it?) where oh there screatly nice people and they’re just trying to be tough no. SHE HATES YOU ALLLL lol sorry
Ok then
the background is supposed to be blank u will see why on the next page
@Oblivion Umbreon:
You mean change the site formatting? Well, I think if you into comic design and appearanc you can select from lots of templates :3

Also, have you tried programs like FireAlpaca or Medibang? They're both free and I use Medibang
If you have a computer
But Medibang is also a free app
@WildfireK: I use this app and I don't think it has text boxes blah just b/c it is free and cheap and just blah
I can draw on my phone tho also how do you change the background of the comic and the page and stuff
No it does not!!!

Just a suggestion, if ya wanna make texr easier to read, try text boxes! It makes the text stand out against the rest of the background.
Dis succcckkkkkzzzzz
July 29th, 2018
@Oblivion Umbreon:
No problem frendo!! <3 glad to hear it :3
@WildfireK:TBH seeing that this had three fans and a nice comment in less then 24 hours made my day 10 minutes after I woke up so thank you :3
July 29th, 2018
Excited for this <3
And it begins!!!