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This story follows Deaku the Puppet Master, Deity of Death, as he fights against the will of Iblis. He yearns to live free and uncontrolled... This probably won't end well...

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The end,
sorry to my few readers, this comic is cancelled... there is too much lore that would need to be explained in order for this to be interesting or make sense. have a final page WIP :'>
October 14th, 2018
I'm back into making comics again! this story and its style may change as i reorient myself and figure out what i want to do.

also, a new character? again? i know, im really trying XD
hey guys. its been a slow couple of days and im trying to come up with story. this was going to be a page but i couldnt make myself put speech bubbles on it. so enjoy a peaceful pic of Deaku and Xel :>
August 6th, 2018
"what are you doing?"
"im dead."

10/10 best answer ever
no. thats not blood. he's a doll. chill. the next page will show his full design.

also, Deaku melts when injured. its normal.
im feeling lazy... dont worry, the next page will be better. i promise X3
heh :3 oh look. is that a plot twist i smell? idk but thats the end of chapter 2
what are you're guys's favorite kind of ice cream? do you even like ice cream?
The you can ask any of the characters that have shown up thus far pretty much anything. but! do not touch Deaku.

Questions that arent allowed:
sexuality questions or anything relating to shipping (i already have all my characters sorted into pairs, please dont ship them)
intrusive questions about the author (me)