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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Shining Stars

Borealis "Alis" the Vulpix and Shadow the Noibat partner up each other to save the world.


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I decided to release and make a new comic page today. Future pages will be digital or traditional.
Back from the dead
I’m back! I’ve also digitalized my 4th page, and will continue to do so. I’ve just lost my passion, but it seems that I got that passion back! I’ll only update once a month at most, or every two months as these take quite a while. Thank you for your patience!
pinkeevee was cute
When she’s really confused, the ? unown appears. (Originally the unown thing was supposed to replace the ! and ?, but I failed doing so lol.)
Alis, autocorrect got me again...
So Ali's has the secret ability to summon unknown?
Is that Pink Eevee!?!?
Two weeks this took to make! I was busy in school! Three pages/month! I know it says 5/month, but that's because I posted other stuff on it. lol
For some reason my scanner didn't work... 4th page will probably be digital (Using Windows Paint qwq) or another physical drawing, the better one will be posted.
Ok understood.
@Techie: Oh, lol
@comercole: Okay, I'll try using scanner. (It's just because I don't have anything to make digital art :( maybe in the future pages they'll be digitalized!)
@Zakured: hello wow this is a new comic i don't know if i am going to get used to this quality of drawings and taking pictures like that for this type of comic but i suggest using a scanner so that can look better like the early pages of Mario's day job comic but oh well but i wish you of best luck and il try to support every comic based on my favorite spin off series.
Or maybe it was the lookalike item, the orEn berry. a berry that looks like an ordinary oran berry but when eaten actually takes away 10 points of health.

edit:i pay too much attention to pokemon mystery dungeon games
Decided to redraw Alis.
Woah, that looks cool.
Hm, doesn’t look like a shiny vulpix, lol
This took me 2 days to make, because I had nothing else to do... On the 7th panel that’s supposed to be water lol. Enjoy the 2nd page!!