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Insanity. Riots. Blind Clerics. And Kender. What more can I say?

Rated PG-13

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well i guess i can wait but hurry cus i really like your comics yay abby normal oddities WOOT :)
Unfortunately, a lot has happened and I can't give a solid date. Hopefully the comic will start back up again, but I really can't say when. Sorry. >_<

when do you update??
The black beast of Aaaaaaaagh is also in Holy Grail! :-) I really need to register here so I can have a pretty avatar like everyone else...
Heh, glad to hear you like him. ^_^ He's one of the artist's favorites too, so I'm sure we'll see lots of him!

Welcome, too! ^_^
Im going to die from the laughter XD this dude is offically my fav character now
o.o you counted?
Oh wait your the artist arnt you..
Blond moment >.<;
omg not again....XD
Rofl XD
ZOMG IT IS IT IS I READ THAT BOOK *Squeels with delite* Omg im such a nerd yay!
why does this remind me of Drizzit ...
aww that mouse is so cute !
your characters , their so cute and make such funny expressions !
Kk. I sent an e-mail. I'd like to be with Seregwen, yes. I told about the personalities of the characters, so ya.
Actually, yes, it is possible for you to cameo, lol. Although, technically, it's ScarySeregwen's decision, so she gets the final say. But if you want to be put in the comic, we just need a pic. ^_^

Disclaimer: You will not get a say in what actually happens to your character. You can tell us something basic, "I want to be in a comic with Seregwen!" but that's about it.

You can email me a pic (or a drawing of yourself, whatever) at ^_^

P.S., is it possible for me to Cameo? O.o
Veldrin suffers from Overfed Imagination Disorder too...
Note: The Black Beast of Aaaaaaaaaaagh belongs to Monty Python's Flying Circus... though this version only has 21 eyes, and the original has 22.
Note: The Luxons and the Kurzicks don't belong to me. They belong to ArenaNet (I believe), or whoever the heck made Guild Wars.
Note: I do not own V from V for Vendetta... Alan Moore, David Lloyd, DC Comics, and Warner Bros. do.