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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon - Brotherly Bonds

A Shinx that goes by the name "Smite" deals with a world filled with wonders and mysteries. As he meets a Riolu that goes by the name "Kuro", they go on to adventures and unveil many secrets.

Updates weekly!


Recent Comments

@ShiroSmite: is this supposed to be treasure town or a clone of treasure town?
Now it seems like you just forgot...
I apologize for delaying. I have some stuff to deal with. Hard stuff. I'll try my best to get back to this. Hehe.
I love it! I think you draw Pokémon well! I also think you did a great job on the backgrounds.
Yup big delay. School getting in the way? Or just life?
Nope. Just delayed. Apologies if I'm taking too long.
November 18th, 2018
Hey, did you quit?
am I going to be the only one to say that the riolu looks comfortable
I can tell thats depression (I can tell don't ask) but ya he suffers from what looks like mild depression and since the way he talks it sounds like he's not going to or planning to killing himself"
If you have to point out the order of speech bubbles (4th panel), it means their placement is confusing, so that's a thing to watch out. Overall, the art looks nice, and I like the shinx's inner monologue.
Just discovered this.
I mean, people will stop caring if a delay takes place, but that should not bother you.

Arsnid kept pushing on pages after pages even when he had only like 5 readers at the worst (he had around 100 or so pages then)
XD indeed i also misspeled
Oh lol, I misread. XD
Oh no?
Ooh noo comic
lol *laghing at your reactions on the long delay* ahem...sorry, funny bone triggered. good thing your back though
The same happened to me. My readers went down by at least 20.
I forgot to mention this happened after Kuro was giving some information about the two Partners.
I saw a huge decrease on the readers. I was so disappointed when I saw that. I deeply apologize for the long delay. So I found another free time. And I finally did this. So sorry. I'll try doing my main schedule again.
...huh...did i miss a comic before since this seems like a sequel to another comic. I just dont know which though...