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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon - Brotherly Bonds

A Shinx that goes by the name "Smite" deals with a world filled with wonders and mysteries. As he meets a Riolu that goes by the name "Kuro", they go on to adventures and unveil many secrets.

Updates weekly!


Recent Comments

You got a now fan!!!!!!!!
Lol! It's ok
Yes there all ideeots
No. No..! Nnnnnnnooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!! D:
I don't like oto spell
Not to make anything sound weerd but it looks like penda is touching the anicslax's but
oi its taking too long! did you get hit by many icy winds or string shots?
whens the next page coming?
@ShiroSmite: is this supposed to be treasure town or a clone of treasure town?
Now it seems like you just forgot...
I apologize for delaying. I have some stuff to deal with. Hard stuff. I'll try my best to get back to this. Hehe.
I love it! I think you draw PokΓ©mon well! I also think you did a great job on the backgrounds.
Yup big delay. School getting in the way? Or just life?
Nope. Just delayed. Apologies if I'm taking too long.