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Fate Crusaders

Is a fantastical yet dark and painful cruel world. Two brothers, a space pirate, the ship, a technician, and a little robot are our protagonists here, what's stored for them in this voyage to the unknown? They have their goals set, but will they be able to reach them?

Updates weekly.


Recent Comments

@Scarftale Bryan: on my actual google account now. and i repeat myself
from my school account
It looks like rabbits are exploding out of it.
RIP Wagon. The "Colorful Mess". The true MVP of Chapter 1.
The expressions on this page are absolutely incredible
Holy sh*t! It's them?! I thought they were dead and that's why we were now with the space fella's!
@Scarftale Bryan: No he's not. The argument is so strong right now that not him or Clarice are taking notice of the plot behind them.
@Gkatte: He's not looking in that direction is he?
Where have I seen those colors before?
@Scarftale Bryan: An absolute waste of everyone's time.
@Gkatte: Wow he put on that stupid outfit for nothing
Space crickets. They're everywhere.
It's the Robco Fancy Pants Fighting Suit
oh HELL yes fancy outfit
He's finally wearing his stupid outfit.
Whatever ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
REALATEABLE. I spelled that wrong:)