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Under Satyr's Orders

The improbable love story between a sex addict and an asexual.

Be careful: This comic will contain homoerotic sex, drama, violence and some other contents not suitable for impressionable young audience.
It also contains love and deep feelings, don't think we are only perverts.


Recent Comments

Xabel Mind
June 22nd, 2019
@Merrsharr: Oh, thank you! OoO
June 21st, 2019
*"did he leave?"
Xabel Mind
June 21st, 2019
This page resumes the evolution of my drawing. First part is from when I inked physically and the last panels are completely digital o3o

After my computer broke for the week, we're back (o`-o)m

My schedule's all tightened now, so pray for me and... I'll try to have next page in a week :I

Thank you for your support <3
Yes, this two beans are John and Juniper at age fourteen. Juniper started developing before John, but John ended up being slightly taller.

Now, regarding John's paranoia. There's nothing against shelters, they're a good thing. It's just that John decided to get his legal independence and wants to keep it.

So this is my Pride and also a bit of how life was for John and Juniper back when they became friends at fourteen.

To clear a bit why I choose to do this for Pride:

1st: Cuddles are an intimate thing for me. Beware, if I ever hug you, it probably means something ¬3¬

2nd: Cross-dress makes me feel self-confident :"

Hope you liked it, don't be too hard on it, it's the first artwork I've ever done specially intended for Pride o-o
Pride extra II
Pride extra I
Xabel Mind
June 13th, 2019
Looks like a competition to see who says the more hurtful words T-T

I'm doing something for Pride, I'll try to post it this week.

I keep you updated on this and other things on my IG if you want:
@Mana*: Awww! :3
Xabel Mind
June 12th, 2019
@Mana*: Easy, easy... u-u
Xabel Mind
June 12th, 2019
@Mana*: It trully is X"D
June 11th, 2019
He is the yin to his yang.
June 11th, 2019
Pat pat!
June 11th, 2019
Haha Juniper expression on the second panel is priceless.
Xabel Mind
June 6th, 2019
Thank you for sticking around and read :"

Keep being there and I'll keep posting as long as I can.

I appreciate all your comments, they really cheer me up <3
Xabel Mind
May 31st, 2019
@Big.Papi: Don't worry, just me being messy with my life u-u"

Thank you for being there and surprise me with all this love (/^/3/^/)
@Big.Papi: Glad you enjoyed it! X"F
May 31st, 2019
Hope you’re feeling ok! Thanks for continuing this comic!.
This cracked me up haha!