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The things that happen in Lightfire RP!!

This comic is based off my RP group of the SSEC Lightfire.

I DON'T OWN LIGHTFIRE. Pinkeevee owns the actual Lightfire -^-

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Dusty (Guest)
September 1st, 2019
Well i wish you a lotta luck
August 17th, 2019
Cancelled Comic
Ello Ello! I have come to say that this comic being cancelled.
You might be wondering "Gee, cancelled? Wonder why" *or you guys don't care at all, lel*
Yes, cancelled because of lack of motivation and..personal stuff >->

But don't worry! Most of these characters will make some appearance in the future! *I hope*
Be it on my DeviantArt or Tumblr!

*yes, I could do request. Just tell me*

Anyways, school is starting very very soon! Like, the last week of this month soon! *laughs nervously*

But for now, Toodles!!! *pets everyone who actually looks at this and gives them cookie*

Sol has come back! He will continue drawing the comic next week, meanwhile have a Kiel peacefully sleeping in the snow of the LF lobby
Note: don't mess with logic Sol
I’ll temporarily continue drawing pages for this again until sol gets back home.
Anyways, have a new page!
@Guest: well, considering I'm nowhere near my usual drawing area. Giselle is supposed to take over again for a little
@JolteonIsDaBest: so when Will the next upload be my lad?
Epic sol fail
Oops, messed up on Dusty's bandana (I forgot to add the white)

You should look at the alt-text~
*autistic screeching*
@Dusty: boi I have finals to worry about
Boi get to work
I got lazy~
So, Dusty doesn't need much convincing! Especially if its from his lady friends >w> kek
Lazy page
Oops, this is like
Last minute quality right here

Anyways May the 4th be with you!!!