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Woodland creatures trying to make ends meet without meeting their end.

This is rated a solid R for a variety of reasons.


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@yaaboa: Can't be confusing if in one go I nail he's 'gasming, just was slightly off on fear or pleasure gasming. ;3
@YolkenEgg: It's a long shot call back to the beginning of this chapter
Hope I'm not being too confusing.
Sweet sweet revenge.

As well as what appears to be a raccoon climax.
Preparing for Interview
Sorry for yet another late comic. I'm trying to prepare for an interview tomorrow (by staying up until 1), so I had to put the comic off for a little.
August 10th, 2019
Update Part 2
Here's the continuation of the writing session with Donnie and the hand puppets coming up with the first two strips for page 19, and Donnie continuing to accidentally insult himself. If you're just visiting, there is another page posted before this one so be sure to check back one page.
Also, thank you all for your patience while I'm looking for work. I have an interview coming up, so I'll try my best this weekend to complete another page. I have a rough outline as to what I want to happen in each of the remaining pages of this chapter/storyline, and now I just have to flesh out the details. Also, Yaaboa! is coming up fast on its one-year anniversary. I really don't have anything planned, and it's coming up at a rather hectic time for me, but I'll try to do some goofy picture or something. So far, if I've counted correctly that's 43 pages, 172 strips, with 5 covers. I really appreciate all of my readers for sticking with me as I've tried to juggle maintaining this strip with school, work and life. Hope to have a new strip posted on Monday.
August 9th, 2019
I thought I would post another one of these "behind-the-scene" writing exercises just to have something here for the time being. I wanted to post on Wed. and Fri. but just wasn't able. There is a second part of this that will be posted at 2pm today if you happen to stop back by here.
This was for pg 19 here: or at least the first two strips. Paul's pretty depressed during this session and Donnie has to take up the slack and write up everything with the help of Paul and Donnie hand puppets. I think that I was kind of down the day I was writing this and the puppets gag kind of lightened my mood a little and helped to move the process along.
August 4th, 2019
I'd like to say that I was working diligently this weekend to find a job, but that would be a lie. Instead, it was spent with friends and family celebrating graduation, so I wasn't able to get anything done on the comic. Sorry about this. I will be trying to update when I can, which is why I'm saying it's a "semi-hiatus". I have more of the "behind the scenes" filler like what I used in previous breaks if you all would like to see that as well. Thank you for your patience and understanding as I try to transition to a new job and town.
@YolkenEgg: Could be....
Smoke break.
Snackrifice, snackrifice!
Possible Hiatus
Sorry for the lateness on today's comic. I was trying to make sure that I had the full weeks comics done as I'm graduating this week, so I'll be fairly busy. That being said, I would just like to remind everyone that there is a good possibility that updates will be iffy for the next few weeks, as I look for a job and resettle. I'll try my best to keep up with the updates. Thank you for your understanding.
@YolkenEgg: No, I did not. I will have to fix that. Thanks!
@YolkenEgg: Hopefully, the next few updates will reveal that.
Looks like you didn't colour his cig?
That means. . . what now?
@YolkenEgg: Paul just can't admit he's getting attached to Leon.
Yeah, well, this cult's kind of stinky as well, I'd cry too. ;3
Sorry for the anachronism. I told them not to carry any of their belongings with them while they are in character!
@YolkenEgg: Oh, it just says "Moonshine XXX 250 Proof" and the back is supposed to say "Blind Earl's Skunk-Ass Moonshine" which was supposed to be an extra that I never got around to finishing back from "Lowering Cain".