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Crow of Prey

Crow of Prey

by DanDarkDesigns

Liane Gott, a veteran from the great war, is a police detective of the Vormund Police Department in Drachenland. After a series of strange murders, she enters in a world of monsters and the people that protect the world from them.
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Crow of Prey


Liane Gott, a veteran from the great war, is a police detective of the Vormund Police Department in Drachenland. After a series of strange murders, she enters in a world of monsters and the people that protect the world from them.

Recent Comments

I starting to feel like my coloring is getting a lot better now.

The chapter is due to finish in some 4 more pages. after that I'll take a break mostly because I'm starting classes and I need to figure that out first and also to create a new batch of sketches since the year and a half old ones are done (The story itself is already written so it's not like I just wrote up until this point) There are some things I want to add to the story mostly at the very start of the next chapter too. I hope that you'll like it.
I thought I had in the queue again sorry for the late upload DX
So... my laptop's screen is dead now... of course.
Sorry for the late upload. My internet did now want to properly work today and I thought I had already put the page in the queue... which I didn't as you can see.
I'll be taking a short one week break I'm no feeling that good and working on so many thing has me a little bit exhausted. But I'll come back the week after the next one. I still owe you guys some lore pages, I'm thinking of pages describing the races of the continent.
I'm back. I'm feeling a bit better now. To be honest this semester was a bit of a nightmare and finishing it with failind it and having one of my cats die wasn't of any help. Hopefully I'll be able to enroll again and not wait the 6 months for failing the same class twice... if not well I'll try to study by myself to compensate in order to get better at it.
Sorry I can't upload today. After everything that happened last week I haven't had the energy to work I'm deeply sorry about that. I lost one of my cats (He was 17 and I really loved him) and also failed my semester again.
That car
that thing was the hardest thing of this whole page... It also took the most to draw.
Late arrival.
Sorry about that. but here is this week's page.
Sorry guys I got sick last week so I haven't been able to finish today's page. I'll post the new page as soon as I can.
Still getting used to CSP
But I'm kinda linking the program now.
So sorry about the late arrival
A lot of things have happened. First was me trying out Clip Studio Paint and having difficulties with how the pen pressure felt compared with sai witch made doing this page a bit of hassle, originally there would be more elements in the first panel but I kinda liked the idea of the single point of light so I kinda took that advantage considering my problems with CSP. Thankfully I feel a bit more used to the program now.

Then there was the fact that one of my cats became seriously ill, to the point we thought he would die. We had to deal with that for most of last week. Safe to say I didn't feel like working for those days. He got better and is pretty much normal now he lost a lot of weight so he went from being the fattest cat of the house to being the skinnier (Perhaps if he can I still have some hope for myself).

Then the monday when I was going to post the page the internet stopped working for most of the day and when it worked it was so bad that posting the page was a nightmare. I thought I could post it the next day but as some of you may know I'm Venezuela and yesterday was a really tense day to the point we still don't know what's really going to happen.

So here we are.... I hope I could get a stress and anxiety free month for once.
Last page of the chapter.
I'll take one week off. I'm thinking I may change some thing to be able to create more pages. My goal is to eventually publish two pages per week. So far I think if I'm able to make a more detailed lineart perhaps I could skip the shading. I really admire the pieces some people do were the lineart does much of the job while still having only flat colors.
@Jenni: I'm not familiar with WYSIWYG but usually for a page to look good you need to use a bit of HTML anyway. I would suggest watching some basic tutorials and when you don't know what to do search it on google someone else would probably already had whatever problem you had and someone else would have answer it.

Good luck!
I am the new guy
Hey there this is kind of of off topic but I was wanting to know
if blogs use WYSIWYG editors or if you have to
manually code with HTML. I'm starting a blog soon but have no coding knowledge so I wanted to get advice from someone
with experience. Any help would be greatly appreciated!여수출장마사지
That's a lot of pageviews. Thanks everyone :)
the text format and gramma of the pages 19 and 20.
Let's hope there will be no more blackouts now.
Hi people. Thanks to the current situation here in Venezuela I don't think I'll have the chance to post stuff on the webcomic. If the blackouts stop I may be able to get back to work.
New Lore
Each 10 Pages a new bit of lore about the world is uncovered. Next couple of lore pages will be dedicated to the characters.