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Pokemon mystery dungeon comic: Hidden gems

This is a comic that is losslessly based on blue reasue team. ENJOY!!!!!

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Thank ya!!
Hey, I think it’s going great so far! Keep it up, bud!
He is freaking out!
November 17th, 2018
I can just hear a Cinema sins rip off saying "breaking the fourth wall" *ding*.
He is freaking out!
Well here is the whole freaking out part! It had to come sooner or later! *Jumps through his window*
Sudden change!
I sudden change in art style for the pikachu!!
She is not happy with this so.
Here is the next page!!! Let's just hope the pikachu hasn't died from the fall! Well I got nothing else to see ya! *Jumps out of the remains of my window.
November 11th, 2018
Main character incoming
Hiya!!!! Sorry for not getting this out yesterday like I said I would but at least it is here now! Well nothing else to say so....see ya!*jumps out of my pikachu house window*
Hiya!!!!! I don't have much to say this time. You can see you I have totally ditched the shading. Well there Will be a new page later or tomorrow but for now! BYE!!!!!! *jumps through my pikachu house window*
November 9th, 2018
Hiya! Sorry for not uploading.....I kinda forgot about the comic but still here is a page! I am trying out different art styles so you are going to see multpie art styles for the next few pages. Expect the next page out later....... hopefully.
The pond I'm the middle of nowhere
Welp here is the cover art for chapter 1 of my comic! Personally I really like what I did here but to be honest the meaning of the title of the chapter has changed over time. Well I post the first page soon see ya guys!