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Obsidian the Graphic Novel

For a vampire, an assassin, a witch and a thief, saving the world is a lot easier than saving themselves.

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@manicgraphicartist: You responded the day I ask the question. Thanx for the link and the info.
Oops Bad Link
Let me give you a link that actually works. to read all of chapter four.
Next Update
@Dragonrider: Sorry it took so long to respond, still learning how to work with this. When you get time go to www.obsidianthegraphicnovel to read all of chapter 4 if you haven't found it already. Thanks for asking.
September 21st, 2018
OK now we are dealing with an Arch Demon, a Witches Witch,a Super Assassin a Super Vampire, and a powerless mortal Stepmother, That's the line up so far. The Arch Demon is the away ream and everybody else is the home team and there seems to be no home court advantage. When will we see the next update?