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Zombie Squad

Name two things that don't go together. Zombie apocalypse and incompetent.

After a nuclear accident, humanity is face to face with the apocalypse. And four friends are left trying to survive. They're not very good at it though.

Recent Comments

Great job, Sophie. I meant to say Quickly
Sorry it took so long. But I’m back!
Also meant to say page 7
I really hate the third panel
Making up for last week
I didn’t Redesign Asia, Aster, Chucky or Sophie (yet) mostly because I liked their design. I mostly just added eyelashes (though they’re not very visible on Deliah, Asia or Aster)
And with Deliah, I have her a little ponytail, and added some orange in her hair. I wanted to make her seem more like the real Deliah, who I guess doesn’t have a picture like Ash (I forgot it and my iPad is low on battery)
He looks too fucking innocent?!! PROTECC THE BEAN!!!!!
I decided I wanna fix him, and the others up a bit. I’ll start drawing him like this after the next two pages, as they’re already made and ready to post
February 28th, 2019
“It’s probably nothing” she said in a Zombie apocalypse
February 27th, 2019
The worst time to jinx something... a zombie apocalypse!
They’re onto me. Take the shot-
February 14th, 2019
*re-reads this comic page* *sees the news person looks like Monika from DDLC*
wtf? monika not u too-
February 11th, 2019
Still, none of this is canon
February 11th, 2019
None of this is canon
HaMiLtOn BoI
Yay hamilton