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Latte bohemia

Latte bohemia

by Linn
Part of a universe called, Good Morning, Miss Winter-
The first comics can be found here

Elle is a sweet little cinnamonbun starting her first job at a run down bistro down Myrtleroad-
This is a ongoing for-fun comicstrip involving the supernatural, lifes odd events, gays and the typical Oslo urban life.
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Latte bohemia

Part of a universe called, Good Morning, Miss Winter-
The first comics can be found here

Elle is a sweet little cinnamonbun starting her first job at a run down bistro down Myrtleroad-
This is a ongoing for-fun comicstrip involving the supernatural, lifes odd events, gays and the typical Oslo urban life.


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You need a parrot ^_~

This is a great picture, BTW.
Day 16, having pets are the best! I used to have alot of cats, but after I lived with 7 of them (my moms) i got allergic to them. Now I live in a teeny apartment with my SO, so no dogs either for now. All I got is my plush dog, Espen.
I've not done Zen so much, so here's one more with him. He's like the most adhd character I can think of.
There's some jumps in numbers since I'm not putting in the drawings of Lara and Blaze into this (my other two neurodiverse characters), since they're from Extinct, my other comic. Its been fun to draw all these characters regardless of being in a different story though.
Speaking of it, Extinct is put on ice for now. I've not trashed the story or anything, I just dont think ill be drawing it before a few more years and then im going to do it from scratch.
I dont want to spam the Extinct-page with drawings of them since it breaks up the story, while as this is more of a comic strip format for now, so if you want to see the other drawings you'll find them on my instagram.
Its sort of fun to be able to draw all characters regardless of what comic they're in, i've been at a comic festival over the weekend so i had to finish all drawings i missed out today. This one was really rough but i did it at the hotel :)
The text that follows is located with it on instagram -
Yeah exactly, good for you! I hope you get your batteries charged abit. :)
I'm actually taking a long overdue mental health day tomorrow and I've actually been in a significantly better mood just getting the absence approved by work!
10. Mental health

Today was supposed to be ’sensory disgust- triggers in sensory issues’ but instead since its the annual mental health awareness day, i changed it abit and merged the other theme with the upcoming one about ’sensory things that is nice’. Remember to take care of each other when you got friends in need, because often its the ones you’d least expect that goes through suicidal thoughts and massive trauma.
Of course you can only help yourself being helped, but having a friend there to keep you on the ground is important. Bake them cake, take them out for walks, give them hugs, listen to them. Remind them their worth.

Sidenote: Lol ill admit Inktober has really helped alot on motivation to draw, i've gone from being Hall in this comic to be able to do stuff.
Having a list changes everything. Hope i can keep this up after Inktober...

Here's the link to the instapost including description
That is a good point! Def also a part of imposter syndrome. Yes it really sucks. Living da imposter laife!
Imposter Syndrome is also thinking you didn't succeed on your own merits but only did so because of <whatever> privilege. You start to doubt all your achievements. Trust me, it's awful...
Hey, here you go, a nonfunny comic.
As a sidenote, this is written from a neurodiverse point of view but its also important to people who suffers with mental health issues or this issue in general:

Day 9- Imposter syndrome
-The feeling of success and failure isnt always so obvious to some, sometimes its stuck in the grey.
Anxiety and low self worth isnt a direct symptom of either autism or adhd, but alot of people have it.
Its become a common side-diagnosis, because they’re more likely to suffer from it as a result of years of being bullied and told they’re not good enough.
In many circumstances with us neurodiverse the feeling of succcess can be really hard to acknowlegde. If we’ve finished something, it often doesnt feel like such a big deal.
But then you see your friend who finished the exact same thing write about it in social media and people run out to congratulate them. So all of a sudden you realise that maybe you did something that was acknowlegdeable after all? Maybe we often underestimate our own victories, but not being able to see what is good or bad is a horrible and unsettling problem.
When you actually feel success, it often feels undeserved. This is often part of adhd because they’re told theyre stupid their entire life but then very often they’re actually super smart.
Getting a diagnosis can help alot of people to overcome their self esteem issues, because you’ll know it wasnt your fault. And from there you can learn to accept and try to find ways to help yourself overcome your struggles. Learning to acknowledge success doesnt happen over night, it can take years to get there.
Thanks! ^^
@kidcthulhu: I'm doing illustrations for a project too, but I'm at least involved in the model design as well as the bulk of writing the rules ^_~
@kidcthulhu: Yes, I'm making illustrations for a cardgame so its not my own project though >_<
Another grand project, you say?

Love Johann's Jaws shirt, BTW.
Excellent picture! Almost like Tenial's illustrations for Alice In Wonderland.
More Latte Bohemia characters. Elle eating ramen with 'kitty' watching.
I doubt kitty would actually want to eat it, but you know how cats work.. They want what they cant have. :D
Putting this here since its the Latte Bohemia crew. This was the Inktober promt 'Light'.
Zen, Hallgrimur and Johann having adventures. I'm going to draw these dorks more, but so far this is the closest to comic ill get for now. I got another project i need to focus on first ;_;
October 4th, 2019
That's a great approach, even had a teacher saying that its not the details that matters, its the results at whole. I mean there's always those who care more about the details...But in the end you'll have to be into the zone creating before someone can even think of judging you.
October 3rd, 2019
Nice arts!

I totally know where you're coming from with the stress and the perfectionism. That nearly derailed my art as well. In my case, forcing myself to do a 5 times a week comic and learning to accept when the art isn't perfect has helped immensely!
October 3rd, 2019
We're currently in Inktober month and i'm running a fb page for comic artists (in norway) where we try to do a drawing a day. Its been a great way for me to force myself into doing more art, ive been having some issues with stress and its made me struggle with being able to do much at all... But just as I was doing the second-day work for Inktober I realized that most of that stress is just me and my own self-expectations. So just as I stopped thinking that 'this has to be perfect' it also made me relax more.
Art school is a great way to learn new things, but i've gotten so critic to my own stuff over the time I was there. I forgot to draw because it is fun for too long and it sort of sucked the fun out of drawing in general.
I've been spending alot of time writing instead, and it has given me a bit more energy. Therefore this Inktober season I've decided to add some text next to every picture i draw, using only neurodiverse characters. I wont publish every single one here, but i will add those that's related to Latte Bohemia. I also write a bit next to every drawing about experiences and challenges that neurodiverse people can go through.
Elle is my first autistic character where it is also official, so she's going to appear in some of these.
Also I only use characters in my cast-library that has anything to do with neurodiversity, so any neurotypical characters will not be fronted this month (though might appear in the background). So far it is Lara (from Extinct), Zen and Elle. :) There's two more that's coming up, but i wont tell who.
Ill update when I got more art, if you want to see the other drawings i've made so far you can check my