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Bard's Joke (PC)

A sprite-based web comic which follows the bumbling hero, Bill as he explores the world filled with many familiar characters and objects from various media; mostly video games.

This version is meant to be viewed on a Computer screen.

Recent Comments

August 21st, 2019
Bill finds Trudy's pet dinosaur surrounded by fireballs launched by the nearby plant monster.
August 18th, 2019
Bill finds Phoebe dodging some giant lizards who can only be defeated in a certain way.
Dungeon Treasure
Bill delves through the lowest parts of the dungeon and finds a useful treasure.
August 11th, 2019
Pols Voice
Bill encounters a fearsome, relentless, whiskered foe.
August 4th, 2019
Like Tea
Bill finds Trudy enjoying a quiet moment with carnivorous pancakes.
July 28th, 2019
Bill happens upon Ed who is tossing rocks at mummies.
July 21st, 2019
Bill finds Jon dealing with several orange clad knights who are tougher than they look.
Painful Knowledge:
Phoebe and Trudy happen upon an unconscious Bill and they are introduced, somewhat painfully.
An Impactful Meeting;
The lone adventurer Phoebe is in a bind when she is unexpectedly helped by a rather odd lady.
Prison Problems:
Bill finds himself in a prison cell and is helped by a local resident.
Finding Adventure:
Freshly rested, Bill strives to become more powerful so he seeks adventure through the local guild.
Mad Logic:
In a distant location the forces of evil are growing in power, and discovering cool stuff.
A Noisy Neighbor:
Unsuccessful at finding a place to rest, Bill resorts to the nearby carnival to find a monster-free sanctuary.
My Kingdom for an Inn:
Weary from exploring, Bill is in search of a safe place to rest at the nearby town.
A Hare-y Ordeal:
Bill is accosted by two fearsome beasts and has to use all of his skill and wit to survive.
A Mighty Warrior:
Bill pursues the mighty warrior who vanquished the terrible rabbit and Bill discovers yet more wonders.
The Hero Emerges
Our hero, Bill is wandering through the local forest and happens upon what turns out to be quite the challenge.
July 14th, 2019
Bill finds himself in a room full of bats and attempts to eliminate the infestation.
Early Crossroads
Bills team enters the dungeon only to find they all want to go different directions.
Blue Pyramid
Bills team uses their new map to find the entrance of a nearby dungeon.