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Ka Who?

This is the story of Kahu, a diver who goes to university and gets himself into awkward situations. Updates irregularly.


Recent Comments

New Look: Kahu Uplugged!
As I announced earlier, I am making some big changes to this comic strip. Perhaps the most obvious will be a change in medium from digital to pencil. Additionally, I am trying to reduce my reliance on words for the jokes, moving toward visually-based gags. Occasionally I shall put part of the joke in the title or in a comment. Lastly, as I announced last week, the comic's title has changed to "Kahu Who?" Expect to see these changes implemented in Episode 30. I hope you will like it.

Thanks for reading,
Upcoming Changes to the Comic
Hi~~~ After much thinking about Ka Who? and how it fits into my art studies, I have decided to make several changes to the comic strip. First, the title will be slightly altered to Kahu Who? There are a couple other major changes, which I shall announce when Episode 29 is released (probably next week).

Thanks for reading,
New Lack of Update Schedule
Normally this comic strip is available every Sunday morning. However, from now on, it will appear at irregular intervals until further notice.
This week's strip is only one panel, and last week's had eight. I try to keep it as short as possible to tell the story or the joke.