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6 panel summaries

Pretty self explanatory, you tell me to summarize an episode of something, and I'll do it.

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Oh. I caused the delay. That's kinda hilarious. Though I also feel slightly bad.
Well, that was fun. I think I'll like this series.

Not shown on this summary: Meliodas repeatedly groping Elizabeth's boobs.
I thought I'd mention it here because they spent quite some time on it.
Gnomes often have pointy heads
I swear I've just been memed.

And yes, my dread of watching this is why it took me so long to update.

No new suggestions please, I've got a bit of a backlog.
For something nostalgic... How about the first episode of the Mega Man: Upon a Star OVA? If not that, then episode 13 of Captain N.
I was going to say that it's debatable on whether or not if got better when it became an actual show... but I guess that does sound pretty terrible.
Animaniacs Episode one?
Ah yes, the Glove of Baseballing was his undoing.
Well, if you insist!
I was going to wait a bit more on this, and send it in when your workload was lighter,but since you asked nicely...let's have you do...Episode 9, Season One of Spider-Man, The Animated Series! Have fun, m8! >:3c
Yu-gi-oh 5Ds episode 92
My Hero Acadamia Episode 2
This was a lot of content for just 6 panels.

Hm, I still have a couple suggestions left, but go ahead and suggest some new stuff.
Except not you, Lord Enigma and Mister T. One suggestion per person at a time.
Asshole Pikachu's better than no Pikachu at all.
Murder is the best way to bring people and pokemon together.
Uh, I've seen the show dude. This is the pilot, which was something else altogether.

And yes, I'd like you to wait until I'm through with my current list of suggestions.
Well, in the first episode, some giant fire-breathing octopus named Octagon has been taking up most of the livestock. It was said that a “star warrior” will come to Popstar and save them from trouble. Kirby comes crashing to Popstar, but the residents were unsure if he was the star warrior due to his personality. After he was introduced throughout Dreamland, he somehow managed to take down Octagon and will stay in Dreamland.

I am having something to suggest for you, but do mean I need to wait a little bit for right now?
October 27th, 2018
I may end up regretting only using gen-1 (and occasionally gen 2) sprites.
I think it's safe to say this show got better when it became an actual show.

Please still hold off on further suggestions for now!
Eeeh, why not episode 1 of 'Seven Deadly Sins' aka 'One Piece Bootleg 72"

(i actually like it tho)