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Adventures of Sonic comic

Recent Comments

I hope Robotnik doesn’t put a love spell on her
I wonder where did Lizzy find that photo
I just love the puppy dog pout
When will the next page be, it had been months
Sonic’s right, he did make that dress look good
Howdy, I cannot wait for the next issue
How are you feeling, sweetie?
So this issue will be interesting
Out of all the job Lizzy would have chosen, why did see choose to work for Dr. Robotnik?
Will Robotnik cool down
So when will the next page be
Where did Lizzy find the picture?
What about Sonic asking Lizzy out
Hmmm well let’s see
Will we see Lizzy in a different outfit
just like the original
Oh will it be Robotnik asking Lizzy out
So will it be about Lizzy finding out about Lucinda
Yeah, what about it?