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Adventures of Sonic comic

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For panel 6 and 7, What Facial Expression does Lizzy have? I not criticizing it, I just wanted to know what it was.
Are scratch and grounder going to tell Dr. Robotnik
Hits on her
Hmm. She must be young. But Dr. Robotnik hits in her too. 😂
How come Liszt doesn't know how to drive. I wonder how old she is
Sonic got burn
I love how scratch and grounder rolled their eyes at Robotnik antic and be like really
I bet they will totally look cute
We shall see ❤️
Actually yes- gives that 90’s feel
Hm... the lines look kinda off... is this intended?
I want to see what’s scratch and grounder will dress like
Oh! Well that’s a secret for the chef! Haha
Smiley used Flamethrower, Smiley burned off his own tongue.
Scoville units is how you measure the spiciness of pepper or any other spicy foods.
How many scoville units?
Smiley got 2 cameos in this epic fun comic! It’s clear that Lizzy can cook! Will Sonic and Tails like her cooking too?
I want see what happens next
It is! Tried the wolf brand hot dog sauce? Good stuff