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Adventures of Sonic comic

Recent Comments

I love the illegally taped episode bit
How will sonic react
I see that Scratch and grounder are watching Edgar Eagle
I am getting antsy, please tell me when the next pages will be
Please show us spoilers on Facebook
I can’t wait to see the next page
I hope I see how they will fix this misunderstanding
I guess the honeymoon was over before it began 😆😄😁😅😏
Glad to see this comic isn't dead.

Also, I still remember that episode pretty clearly for some reason :P.
When will the next page be
Scratch and grounder are totally funny
Also I’m happy Lizzy’s open minded
I sure he didn’t meant to kick scratch’s head in Lizzy’s direction. I hope the next will be robotnik apologizing to Lizzy nonstop
Is Lizzy and Scratch going to be okay
I forgot how whimsical the cartoon was.
Random character :)
Where did she find that paper