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Adventures of Sonic comic

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Okay, I hope he won’t get demoted again
We shall see what happens to him
I’m voting for her to play it cute. Also I hope coconuts doesn’t get recycled for this. He really needs a hug.
Yeah, also I wish there was the scene where Lizzy visit the lair at an early hour and scratch and grounder trying to help Lizzy out
I’m voting for her to play it cute. Also I hope Coconuts won’t get recycled for this, I mean he just wanted to be loved just like Scratch and Grounder.
Hmmm. I’m sure she’ll play it cute or cool
I hope I see Lizzy use her charms soon. Also how will she use her charm?
I think you need to add more scenes in some places, so the viewers won’t get confused 🤷‍♂️
Robotnik fall completely head over heels for Lizzy
Coconuts’s tail is actually gray not red
Coconuts you no good badnik
Will Lizzy be fired? 😮 why did Coconuts do that?
What’s going to happen next?
He’s completely relaxed
I think this is the first time i've seen Robotnik's stache wet.
He’s so not going to be happy about it
That is the fanciest way to drink grape juice I've ever seen! …I'm kinda jealous. Mostly of him having adorable penguin helpers though.
Note: we do not want to teach kids to drink wine. Therefore Dr. Robotnik is drinking grape juice. 🍇
Yeah sonic, Robotnik did mention having the only key and maybe coconuts stupid enough to let you free and try to blame Lizzy for it.