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EMC's Art Dump

This is the place where I'll put my art for all to see


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he's turning 12
i dont think i'll be able to do this for everyone, but this is special, so I did it.

I am not back, this was made in advance and has been scheduled to go up today. I am still on break and will probably still be until the end of the school year, for me being the 19th. See you then~
I cannot come up with anything to draw at the moment, so for now, I will be taking a break to study for finals next week, and come up with more ideas.

I have an announcement as well!

I am working on a Mystery Dungeon comic, which I will be producing with a friend of mine! We hope to get it out into the world sometime this summer, so keep a lookout for that!

G'bye for now~
June 4th, 2019
sketch scream!!!!
bird scream
@Garnet107: thank you!
*GASP* YASS MY GIRL! Also I just found ur sketch dump, and I will add it to my favorites
*looks at my drawing*

Me: ESPEON WHY? Iā€™m so bad a drawing šŸ˜…
May 31st, 2019
@comercole: yea
Your back!!!
May 31st, 2019
@pixlyJolt: no, i actually figured out that paint tool sai had a lineart layer function thingy, and i tried it out
Smooth & sleek. Do you use a school device?
May 31st, 2019