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When We Fall

coming soon!


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@RenRou: XD I probably didn't catch it, being caught up in the art more than the speech bubbles. but good to know! I'm excited to find out what's up :)
The coloring is gorgeous. I love the bold colors. :)
Yes, problem solved. For me at least.
Yep tis all good now👍
@TerribleTobyTrouncer: Nope, blond's name is Iwar. Victor adressed him once by that name.
An you're actually pretty close with your guess, but now exactly.
@YaoiGirl09: Should be displaying fine now.
Still doing the weird stretch thing.
is the blond Kai? are they going to the future to prevent the red head destroying the world? so many questions
Yeah it’s happening to me too. Are you using a phone? Cause that’s what I’m on. I’ll try my computer a bit later
Both pages are still stretched
I have no problem with the current upload times!
No, it didn't do anything.
It's okay though, I'll figure it out. It may be my device, so I'll try reading it on something else to see if it works then.
@YaoiGirl09: I don't know what's going on (and it's loading fine for me), but I tried to change the layout. Did it help?
@All Hail The Yaoi Gods: that's weird. I tried some tweaking, did it work?
Yeah.... I don't know what's going on...
Uhm..... I cant read anything....
It is stretched out so much that I can barely make out the characters....
Do the pages look stretched out to anyone else?
25-30%.. doesn't look too peachy.
lmao.. most romantic date invite & response ever XD

i'm good with any way you wanna post - but hey, why not have a happy day 2x/week ^^
whaaaat is that ominous thing? portal?
beautifully drawn. mysterious.