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When We Fall

When We Fall

by RenRou
coming soon!
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2 Months Ago

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When We Fall

coming soon!


Recent Comments

@RenRou: Whew! That sounds great!
@portisHeart: this thief is actually a rather important character, so he'll have his spotlight later on ^^
@Moondragon: If everything goes well, I'll resume posting new pages here on February, so it's not that long.
Oh no! How log will those of us who can't afford to support you on Patreon have to wait?
smart thief knows when to stop :D
looking forward to this backstory ^^
thief is awesomely gorgeous *yum* pity he's well, a thief XD
also wow, this crystal magick is amazing!
January 6th, 2019
Sounds like flashback time!
For the next month or so I'll be uploading next pages on Patreon only. Eventualy each and every page will be available for free, though.
for a better quality I suggest Tapastic or DeviantArt. Smackjeeves is very particular about file sizes I can upload, wich is unfortunately too small for a picture of this size.
victor is amazingly sharp ! i like him
I would assume because it’s blurry when zoomed in
did you guys take along a record of all sports events of the year 2028? XD
aah good shoes, important, i knew about the towel, but this too is a must when you go.. well pretty anywhere/anywhen ^^
January 1st, 2019
@Denissexz23: why exactly?
It’s hard to read
beautiful artwork! Hooked by story and sexy characters ;)
January 1st, 2019
I added captions with time both on this page and on page 1, to make chronology more clear.

Also, sorry for being late again. New Year's Eve was ruthless XD

Two pages again.
gaaaaah!! *drools - faints - drowns in nose blood - slips in puddle - headdesks the wall*, not necessarily in this order ~

so hawt, so funny, and the drawing is awesome! <3
happy holidays too ^^
@RenRou: it would also erase him from this comic (and even worse, right at the beginning!) and create a 4th wall paradox XDD
see my icon for my reaction! <3<3
I love this XD