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Pokemon: Lunar Eclipse

Eeveelutions and many more characters to be shown. It is mostly digital.

Dakota is the main character of the series, and carries two forms that are seen more than once in the series.

Recent Comments

August 19th, 2019
Whats emarasing
@Guest: If you've read previous pages then you probably should've figured that out tbh.
April 20th, 2019
Can the Espeon switch gender’s or something like that?
We're moving on to other chapters! Sorry folks.
New Designs!
Starting very soon, Tide and everyone else will have new designs! These designs are based off RES, a Discord Server.

Three major things to note:
-Clothing: Some characters will be wearing clothing who weren't previously already wearing any.
-Personalities and abilities. This only applies to my own characters, specifically the main characters of the chapter. Based of the personalities I RP in RES with. The Abilities are added as well. I will not inform you of what their abilities are as that's info exclusive to RES for you to search up.
-This series is for fun. If you're all the way at the beginning, then don't complain about the comic style. Not every single comic maker has to follow the multi-panel-in-one-page rule. I ain't going professional.
-There's one more thing I should mention. Certain cameos will be removed with the impression they left the main character to go do their own thing. This is to reduce the amount of characters in the chapter. So don't be upset if a character of yours sudden goes "missing".

This is just an update.
@GearTech147: Dakota just met them. They're not friends "yet" bruh :v
February 21st, 2019
My friends are my power!
No really though, that's basically this scene.
BTW! The Bre that Quicky here called the name out of is Draethon.
like with the other cameos
HE IS NOT MY CHARACTER. So I cannot just hand over information about him :3 Same with the other Cameos.
I must apologize for the slow delays. I've been having a major art block. But I'm alright now so there will be some sort of update soon :D
February 11th, 2019
@pixlyJolt: Bruh.
Just let me do my comic how I want to. There's no such thing as a waste of space either as it's literally digital.
p.s. You're 225 pages behind to be saying this vwv and I'm not going back to edit.
February 11th, 2019 just wastes space & whatnot...
@pixlyJolt: No thank you >.>;
February 11th, 2019
One suggestion, combine all the pages together to make it an actual comic...because it gets annoying over time to keep scrolling.
Ooooooooohhhhhhhh collllloooorrrrrrssss
That makes sense
It's Daytime now, so things go back to black on white.
I know i used to update this often...
i will make an attempt to do that again. And don't worry, it doesn't stress me out.
New cover I see. 😼