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AlleyCat Paradise: San Neo Tales

AlleyCat Paradise: San Neo Tales is a comedy comic strips starring the violent Kath, the kind-hearted Shiba, and the scaredy-cat athlete Husk!

Join them in their wacky everyday lives!


Recent Comments

that look so good!
Shiba's a precious cinnamon roll... literally.
Kath what are you gonna do whit that!?
Kath, what are you saying?!
I love this comic.
That's gotta hurt!

We got a special strip for you guys today!
@Guest: Haha!
These girls just can't get enough of Husk!
Cheering someone up with hot buns
Who's up for some hot buns?
Is that a new world record?
Shiba's tallest tower!
@Silvermoon: Haha, same! What games would you be playing?
I would be like shiba playing on the Nintendo switch
Hobbies they're passionate about!
@Silvermoon: Yes!