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Project Magyc

Project Magyc

by brisity
28 years ago, without any warning, magic became reality, confused society became chaotic. Anyone now had access to a tremendous power, crime rates increased to astronomical rates. In this twisted world, a boy, whose mother was killed when he was younger, decides to take action and creates the 'Project Magyc'.

This is the story of how he and his friend try their best to make a world where everyone would be happy.

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Project Magyc

28 years ago, without any warning, magic became reality, confused society became chaotic. Anyone now had access to a tremendous power, crime rates increased to astronomical rates. In this twisted world, a boy, whose mother was killed when he was younger, decides to take action and creates the 'Project Magyc'.

This is the story of how he and his friend try their best to make a world where everyone would be happy.


Recent Comments

March 30th, 2019
Page 13
So after a loooong wait, here it is the latest page of Project Magyc. Sorry for the delay.

This is a transition page but as you can see, a new character will be introduced. I may have spoiled her with some art, but yes a new character is here!

In this page we see...
-That Ash also needs a hug.
-They're poor.

Let's hope the next page won't take this long.
Extra 1
I was bored, so I did this.

What are the answers from PM characters to the question " What is the meaning of life? ".

At least you can know more about the new characters through this.
February 10th, 2019
Page 12
Aftter a long delay, the new page is here! It's the final part of the flashback. We'll be back to the present next page.

In this page we see...
- The mum's tragic end.
- How those two were left alone in the world.
- At least the evil father is in prison.


Pages may take more time to be ready because of school. The comic will continue , though. Slowly but surely!
January 31st, 2019
Page 11
Flashback time!

We're now getting into the past of these two new characters, and, well, their past doesn't seem nice... Things only get more serious ( and maybe edgy ) from here. No more sweet memories or things like that. Okay, there might still be some sweet moments, but now we're not playing anymore. The danger is real.

In this page we see...
-Ash and Rose's mom, kind of, her eyes are covered...
-Their dad, who honestly should die.
-Their past isn't nice

The next page will be the continuation of this flashback!

I tried a lot of new things in this page, I hope it looks nice.
January 18th, 2019
Page 10
Sorry for the HUGE delay, and for this kind of bad page... I am just horrible drawing the new characters, the first sketch for the page was old and I didn't have time to redo it. Next page will look much better than tis one, that's for sure.

I am working to improve and well, I am so the next page won't take this long, and don' mind if the characters look a bit diferent from this page in the future...

Anyway, a new chapter starts! It's named Change, well, because there will be a change in the old routine. This chapter will be longer, with the introduction of new characters, some friends and a enemy. There will be more action and some serious stuff. The true story has begun!

In this page, we see...
-Two new characters, who are siblings.

Honestly, this page is just a transition, so yes, nothing big happens. Prepare for a flashback into this chracters next page. Things are getting serious.
January 12th, 2019
Page 9
And the last page of the chapter is here!!! Not satisfied with the page honestly, but still acceptable.

In this page we see...
-How Neon is probably a bad liar.
-Clear self-esteem is still not great.

Now, with the upcoming chapters things are going to get interesting. In chapter 3, there are going to be 3 new character and the sense of a big story will start to form and changes will happen in the boys' lives. The true story is begining!
January 8th, 2019
Page 8
Another page! There is only one more page before moving on to the next chapter, which will be where the story truly begins.

-In this page we can see a glimpse of the only magic Clear can use succesfully. He uses magic in his glasses that lets him see "the truth" behind things, in this case others' magic. It's as seen kind of a complete info about anyones magic, letting him find their weakness. He's named Clear because he can see "clearly".
-Neon didn't intend to kill or really hurt that thief, only scare him enough to make him flee, apparently that worked.
-The faces of the girl and the thief weren't shown as they're not important for the story, theyr just "extras".
-Crime rates in this world are extremely high and it's very dangerous to walk alone. (That's why Clear was worried about Neon being late, because something could've happened to him or Neon). Events such as this one are merely routine to people, having things stolen or even being killed is kind of commom.
-The girl didn't resist because as many other people she's not good with magic and wouldn't be able to win against the thief.

Next page will be calmer, and a conclusion to this chapter.
January 4th, 2019
Page 7
Sorry for the late update!!! The page got delayed for various reasons... But to make up for it, this page looks better than the last ones. This is the moment you realize the improvement in the art quality, it's way better when compared to page 1. (or the cover...)

In this page we see...
- Older Clear
- How Neon just jumps into action whenever he hears a call for help
- Danger arrives!!!

Next page will contain a quick fight scene, where we will see Neon's magic and " Clear's glasses thing ".
December 30th, 2018
Page 6
Another page!

In this page we see...
- Neon's father
- How Neon feels about him
- How Neon's childhood was probably not that nice...

( I hope I don't need to draw Neons dad ever again... )

This chapter is kind of slow, but there will be some action in the future. Like, this is all about magic, but we haven't seen any of it yet, but don't worry, this chapter is short and action will be presente in the next chapters, together will new characters!
December 27th, 2018
Page 5
The new page is here! Sorry for the delay, Christmas took a lot of my time.

I'm not sure if I like this page but OK.

This will be a short chapter, where, as the name of the chapter says, we'll get to know our character's routine. There won't be a lot of plot, but this will be the chance for me to leave clues of future events and foreshadowing in general. This page alone has a least 2 direct clues about what is going to happen in the following chapters, in special a certain event. And that message in the notebook actually means something...
December 21st, 2018
Page 4
The last page of the Prologue!

In this page we see:
- Neon's idealistic way to make the world better.
- And how big of a dreamer he is.
- And here is why the comic is named 'Project Magyc'. ( Apparently Neon didn't know how to spell "magic" )

This is the end of the prologue, and the real thing will start next chapter, which still needs to be done. It's good to see two innocent and naive kids, before they meet the cruel world. ( This kids need to be protected ).

If you read this chances are you read the other pages, thanks for reading!!! The next pages will be done soon!
December 21st, 2018
Page 3
Another page, only one left to finish the prologue ( and the first chapter ).

In this page:
- We see Clear's low self-esteem.
- And how he might need a hug.
- And also how Neon is not happy to see hear that.

That "glasses thing" is the only magic Clear can use successfully, and will be shown in the future.
December 21st, 2018
Page 2
Here is page 2. I actually finished the prologue and will be posting the rest today!

In this page:
-We learn how amazing Neon is, and how pathetic is Clear.

The fight was not shown because it's nothing important happens and I didn't want to draw it.
December 21st, 2018
First page
Here is the first page and the start of everything. In this page we meet the protag, Neon, and his nerdy best friend, Clear. ( And yes, I am "very good" with names )

-Character names, as weird as they sound, are actually importante and tell a lot about the characters.