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The highly contagious disease wipes out majority of Federation’s population. In those unsure times a teenager sets out on a search of his lost family...
for readers 16+
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Recent Comments

A silent parting amidst wailing sirens.
A short, prologue story.
additional protein!
his lung capacity must be top-notch!
-applause- O-O
that's for sure!
@Xabel Mind: yeah, it ain't gonna be pretty...
Things gonna get serious here... I mean, more serious o-o
Handling a handgun is not as easy as media portrays it!
Oh, great view! o.o
My poor! T-T
@Xabel Mind: yeah. It kind of does... but it's a really good cap tho!
we've got to the middle of the issue!
This looks totally like a game, recollecting things everywhere O-O
I'm not saying that XD I also put a time limit to corrections in my work -shrugs shoulders-
The sequence does look off.
@Xabel Mind: Those pages are the older ones and if I were to fix every panel constantly without any time frame limit, no story would be finished.
I missed a bit more movement in the fourth panel. You nailed it in the last, but the other is more like "here, puting my face against your fist"