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A comic about a group of friends Pepper, Mint, Gum and Spear, and the strange and wierd outings they go on.


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Three Years
Back after three years and finishing Uni
Mint the Unicorn!!! But there all so cute ♥
I think the knight looks cute.
I think Mint the Healer looks the cutest.You do a nice job at making the characters look cute, I just love your style.I'll be waiting for more.
KNIGHTcus u get a sword to poke ppl 'n stuff

Hunter: He's hyper, just ignore him.
Haha - they're all her! x]

How about a knighticorn? Lmao - a cross. :P
Mints Job
As the comic has the solid plotline of water, ....or gas.

Mints job when playing 'Epic Quest' will be put to a vote.

Will she choose to be a Knight or a Unicorn?

post a comment to have your say
Haha She looks so cute as the unicorn~
Aww, cute. < 3
I love this new layout. n____n
Love the new layout. Very nice. ^_^
Im impressed with myself, its the pure vision of rainbow hell spattered with stars.

I ran into a few bumps along the way and got some good help from lovely folk in the forums, cheers for that!
This comic is so cute. n_n I'm going to fav this.
heh this is adorable! i love it :D
LOL knitted a tv? XD that's awesome
O x O~
so...cute...its wrong how cute they are
so wrong :3 ~
but so right ~
It even burns my eyes with colour, dont worry give me about three more pages and it'll slowly decend into pencil drawn on the backs of beermats :3
So...Cute...Must fav... :3
This looks really cute. n__n
I get the same feeling.