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Humanity is doomed, and it’s up to none other than Kevin T. Garin, the most oblivious and downright stupid of his people, to save them. Things go awry, landing Kevin and a strange being, Ramov, on a mysteriously dead world. The more this unlikely duo uncovers, the freakier things get.


Recent Comments

November 7th, 2019
Now that he's been properly acknowledged, Kevin lets loose. And it doesn't seem like he's gonna be stopping anytime soon...
October 31st, 2019
The quality of Ramov's eyes decreases the more frustrated he gets. Also happy Halloween everyone! Pop over to my deviant art for shitty lil sketch I did of the boys and their 'costumes' (:
October 24th, 2019
It's safe to assume that the two have basically been walking in silence the WHOLE time, which is honestly pretty impressive for Kevin.
October 17th, 2019
In case you're wondering, yes, Kevin has already lost his helmet. That will, uh, officially be addressed later, definitely NOT something I forgot to draw.
October 10th, 2019
Kevin may have more friends than he even realizes...
October 3rd, 2019
Don't think I forgot about the last page of part 0 (;
September 26th, 2019
I'm back baby! And so is everyone's favorite character: shittily drawn bug!
September 19th, 2019
What do you all think of the style change? If you haven't seen all the art I've been posting here, this may come as a bit of a surprise (and hopefully a pleasant one!). Rebounded will return next week so be prepared!
August 15th, 2019
Rebounded will return in September for Chapter 1: Reminders! Get hyped all, I'm taking this chapter (somewhat) seriously.
23 pages and here we are! Finally, the end of chapter 0! What'd you all think? I'll post the chapter 1 title card, as per a normal update, and after then I will take a brief hiatus (most probably about 2-3 weeks).
August 1st, 2019
The disgusted look on Ramov's face is one I'm used to seeing, which is why it's the best part of the page (':
July 25th, 2019
I would expect nothing less from Ramov and Kevin's proper introduction.
July 18th, 2019
Ramov's been here the whole time guys...
July 11th, 2019
I'm horrible at doing cool shots, especially perspective stuff, so this was a stretch for me. Hope it doesn't look too awful :')
It looks a lot better from far away
July 4th, 2019
Not only is Kevin very observant, but he's also very bad at thinking before acting.
June 27th, 2019
Welcome back to the world of non-animation and words. Fun times man.
June 20th, 2019
It's another animated page! Granted, this will be the last one for awhile. Go check it out!
June 13th, 2019
Guess what? More animation!
Head over to my deviant art ( to see this page animated! Not all subsequent pages will be animated (it takes me way too long ;-;), but I hope you all are enjoying them!!
June 6th, 2019
It's animated!
It won't let me put a gif in here, but this page is indeed animated! Head over to my deviant art ( to see it in its full animated glory!
The hiatus is finally ending!!
Hey, so it's been a while. I'm finally back, and one week from today I will have the new page to Rebounded up! I think you guys are really going to love it, it's really going to come to life ;)
I decided what better way to celebrate than with an updated title card! Cutting down on effects, simplifying, new styles, and having a better grip on the story and where it's going all right here right now! Now I just need to try and resize it so the whole thing will show up on the front page :')