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Yet Another PMD Comic

A human wake up with no memory in a mysterious world as an Eevee... Which fate awaits- Wait a minute, I know this story!!

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12 minutes ago
@Guest: I like to treat the houses as those old houses from real life, that were well made and treated well for years :D
Guest (Guest)
27 minutes ago
I find it a little strange how the houses in Pokémon Square haven't changed at all in 200 years. Still, really nice comic

also it just occurred to me Bayani most likely outlived his partner. Imagine watching your closest friend, who stayed by your side through thick and thin, grow old and weak over the years, while you're still young as ever. And then watch not only them, but all the other friends you made pass away, one by one.
I wonder if Bayani still thinks of them sometimes
5 hours ago
This would be the hypothetical term of...suspicious.
Celebi knows somethings up with that vee
11 hours ago
*whispers* "Stop staring".
11 hours ago
same feeling eevee buddy
same feeling
12 hours ago
The last panel is really funny. But I don't blame him.
13 hours ago
I liek Pichuz
@ProfessorPhanyom: Excuse me, it's still yesterday for me!!
No upload yesterday? Im dissapointed
Bayani... Hero... Hmm...
Like......we're do you guys draw this stuff at???
22 hours ago
"I can only hope this is a harmless side effect"

So basically in this dimension, everyone who has their powers blocked also gets the zombie look side effect.
*sigh* not happy
Ahhh, more of creepy ass Celebi for me to look at
@Flavia-Elric:ohhhhhh this is based of red and blue rescue team OK i'll have the video for this comic uploaded somewhere today.
@comercole: Oops, I meant RRT (Red Rescue Team)
@Flavia-Elric:oh ok by what you mean by rtr?