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Brees, Vees, and Leafies - A Group Comic

A group drawing that was supposed to be only one page turns into a 40+ comic of weirdness as well as cuteness here and there.

pls nerf

Recent Comments

i am terra wee
give me more apperances k thank
Great job on the comic I wish I could draw like that
OOF uncensored that was savage
Oops I meant Comments *facepalm*
How dare there be no comics for such an amazing comic?!? Well here’s one! This stuff is good, keep. It. Up! I liek the Umbreons
@SeahDaLunatic: Ah, well
they are really just frens from discord's chars being goofy
@Orchid-Phoenix: I think what they're trying to say is 'Make a page introducing the whole cast'?
? I'm confused about this comment.
And, unfortunately, no. I won't be doing that ^^;
Hey, these comics are great! Can you make one labeling all the characters? That’d be great! These are awesome, keep up the good work!
Sorry :'D it's a comic that went by pretty fast and I'm satisfied with. Dunno for sure if there'll be a sequel, honestly.