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Brees, Vees, and Leafies - A Group Comic

A group drawing that was supposed to be only one page turns into a 40+ comic of weirdness as well as cuteness here and there.

pls nerf

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I just need to stab someone, that’s all. No biggie.
This Sylveon is edgy as a triangle
Sylveon is worried for her love~
Ok ok, just wondering and trying to be positive
@Guest: Uhh... What? She's not my character, just as this whole comic has had nothing but other people's character. >.> So I won't be revealing the name unless it's said in the story.
She’s beaitful! Does she have a name? Thanks for updating btw
Bruh :v These chars here are mature so ofc they're gonna curse. And this comment would be more appropriate on the other page; there's no bad language on this page vwv
I won’t say anything about your sudden use of ‘bad’ language. I hope that Lucario will yeet away soon. Is the paintbrush magical?
@Orchid-Phoenix: Oh my bad sorry

*Backs out of room awkwardly*
@waffle666 ??? There's no magic involved here.
Paintbrush of magic
i am terra wee
give me more apperances k thank
Great job on the comic I wish I could draw like that
OOF uncensored that was savage
Oops I meant Comments *facepalm*
How dare there be no comics for such an amazing comic?!? Well here’s one! This stuff is good, keep. It. Up! I liek the Umbreons