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Fox House

There was a house. Some foxes found the house. Now it's a fox house.

Updates will be released once a week, at least for now. There may be more frequent updates in the future.

Recent Comments

April 20th, 2019
@Smiffy SMF <3: thx :D
Smiffy SMF <3
April 20th, 2019
February 21st, 2019
Here's page 3! I'm late again ._. but I promise its just cause im busy with school! I'll get a week off soon so hopefully I can catch up by then
February 16th, 2019
I just realized I somehow forgot to add mouths on this page. whoops XD
February 12th, 2019
Page 2 is up! sorry for the delay, I had a lot of school projects to get done last week and didn't have much time to work on this
February 3rd, 2019
Here's the first page! more to come next week.
Here's the intro to Fox House! I'll be releasing the first page soon.