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The Strange Case

In exile, one warrior discovers what he should not.

Recent Comments

I'm sorry for the unannounced hiatus
Double updates start when I get out of school
Me: *promises double updates in May*
Also me: *is too lazy to do the second page*
After this, there will be a brief hiatus, as something just came up in the family that warrants my full attention.
Pages one and two should be out in a couple weeks!
Thus ends the Prelude
I have literally no excuse for being a lazy ass... But hopefully I can keep to the new schedule!
I'll start double updates next week on Sunday, marking Chapter one's beginning, but I plan to have the cover released sometime during this week.
I took an unannounced hiatus to get some things in order.
I'm going to try and do double updates starting in May, but that isn't a promise that I'll keep.
The reason this page looks a bit different is that I did this on a computer instead of my tablet.
I have a valid reason this is so late...
I blame it on the Wi-Fi outage
I really despise this page
Happy Trans Day of Visibility
Happy Transgender Day of Visibility from The Strange Case!
Here's Kestrelpaw, who you will be seeing more of within the comic!
Almost forgot to upload this today...
But here we go! ❤
Kudos to you who guess these two children!
I'm glad you look forward to it! ❤
Glad to see you'll be starting the comic soon! I look forward to the first update ^^
So thus begins The Strange Case...