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Equus Siderae

Equus Siderae is an equine fantasy graphic novel that explores the nature of the horse in a very unique perspective


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@YolkenEgg: What we know about Nevisca's powers and how they work are the same as what Nevisca herself knows about them, and she just discovered she had them. As she didn't came back to see Sheila's state, we don't know wither what happened to her. At simple gaze, she doesn't have any bad wounds tho
Did she just murder her?
@dasEsel: I agree :) He's still too young to understand
Def not a good mother in law
"death is a small price to pay for freedom" is so easy to say when he survived his most vulnerable phase well cared for in his mothers'daycare system adn now that he's a grown adult it's most likely not him going to be on some predator's menue, but his children. yeah it's a small price allright when it's others paying it for you
@YolkenEgg: She looks quite surprised, like she didn't see it coming :)
I don't think that is normal for her.
This took an interesting turn
Unicorn? Hmm.
As we approach the ending of the first chapter, weird stuff started to happen :o
@YolkenEgg: Nevisca talked about having a cold mind when taking decissions a few pages ago, but this seems to be too much for her to handle and decided to go with the emotional answer.
She just doesn't want to admit that her son prefers another type of life that the one she wanted to provide for him, and found it easier to make someone else guilty than to admit that 'she had been a bad mother', which, of corse, is relative :)
But we all can agree that she is a bad mother in law now
Okay, but real talk, why would a mare convince her mate to take multiple wives when it benefits her only if she has young with her. In a human standpoint polyamory offers a financial support increase as well as emotional. From a horse standpoint, his mom attacking his mate and blaming her feels like blind rage and ignorance to the extreme.
@carolafunder: Hehe a pretty boy indeed ;)
@carolafunder: Thank you very much! I'm glad you're enjoying it so far :)
What a handsome guy that Elan is!
Your artwork and particularly colouring and backgrounds are incredible. Love the designs of your characters too. Interesting story and world!
LOVE this sequence... just ... kind of very melancholic and just beautiful...
I managed to finish only one page for today. Actually, I did both of them, but the upcoming page is pretty complicated and honestly I don't like the way it turned out so I'll be doing it again. As we're reaching the climax of the first chapter, the story is going to take a shift from there. I'm sure you can imagine what is going to happen next...
I like Elan, it wasn’t obvious to me at the beginning but this little rebel has words and charm !
What he saw is the hundred dollars question ;)