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Equus Siderae

Equus Siderae is an equine fantasy graphic novel that explores the nature of the horse in a very unique perspective


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I have a feeling he is lying about that she is tied to the land and can't leave.
He just said so and scared her from leaving so they don't need force/violence to keep her there.
Batman: The Return
I believe you have a typo. "Untide", I think you meant "Untie"
Unicornland is not Disneyland...
Welcome back, and thank you for new episode :)
I loved it, it was really sad and emotional.
I waver between she goes too far and grieves way too hard, and on how some horses just can't handle their losses.
OOoh snap. Also "And I almost lose you while giving birth to him..." Lose should be lost. Just a small heads up!

This page is really pretty like-
Equus Siderae is BACK and now mobile friendly as well. Uploads every Sunday
@Dalgeor: You are very welcome! A lot of people don't know about it. XD
@Angie: Thank you ♥ Next episode is going to be pretty interesting :)
Now all the previous pages are mobile friendly, I can't believe it was that simple ♥♥♥
This is the most painful cliffhanger, but I understand.

Enjoy the hiatus, man, we'll wait as long as we need for you to be top notch to possibly annihilate with plot! :D
@Dalgeor: Aww...we have a misunderstanding. There is a way to turn off the mobile version in the settings. If you go to "Manage Comic" and scroll down to the Settings and Management section there should be a link that says "Smack Jeeves Mobile". There, you should be able to turn it off and those who use their phones to view the comic will see it as those who use computers.
Thank you for letting us know. I am really looking forward to read what happens next, totally hooked :)
Taking a small hiatus. Next episode will be on 10th November!
@EluNiabi: Yes, I agree, like a desktop version of the site. I have hopes they'll implement it in the future, as more and more webcomics are shifting to this style
Ohhh snap. Swallow and Darion in on something?
@Dalgeor: No need to feel sorry. the sites are what they are. Frankly, I like the longer vertical format anyway!
@Dalgeor: Their should be a option that will disable the mobile version of smackjeeves, allowing all mobile users to see the comic as if they were using a PC.