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Equus Siderae

Equus Siderae is an equine fantasy graphic novel that explores the nature of the horse in a very unique perspective


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And now, we need you to see these important messages!
I love how well you draw the horses. The story has also got me hooked!
I'll be on a trip from 8th May to 29th May, but you can still expect one page every Sunday. Once I come back I'll upload two pages per Sunday :)
Is this a dangerous task?
@dmr11: Interesting theory, we will see what happens :)
Who might him be? :o
I don't think a swamp is a good place for a horse to be in (deep mud plus potential gators and snakes) and what if it's a trap laid by that stallion (such as to drive the centinels into the hazardous swamp)?
You may notice that one of these centinels might look similar to Rolo, the palomino who is the leader of the Hills Herd. He is his smaller brother, but I still haven't decide if I will end up including how rolung is passed through generations and what happens with the next in line of the same family in this big equine community.
@Guest: English is indeed a weird language haha thanks for the info :)
This is a great comic so far, but I need to make a grammatical correction here.
Species is a singular and plural word.
My Biology professor had a long talk about how “specie” wasn’t a real word in science.
You can have a species or multiple species.
@Hardychuckle: Haha indeed he does :)
Proud gal!
Obligatory reference comment:
"I don't feel so good."
Somebody looks proud in that last panel!
Hee hee, I want to know what they have to say XD
Yup, Nevisca can smile too :)
That old stallion does talk a lot
@RollingScone: Thank you so much! Glad you think so :)
@_nicole.yxz: Thank you very much. So glad to hear :)
Awesome art and interesting story <3