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Equus Siderae

Equus Siderae is an equine fantasy graphic novel that explores the nature of the horse in a very unique perspective


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F for Thyra's speech.

Y'all unicorns are prudes.
@BritDillinger: Looks like this format is not mobile friendly :(
Ah, it was the mobile version that's funky. Not you!
The page isn't loading right. It's wonky looking.
Long format because visuals look much better in this page. Next Sunday there won't be an upload because I'll be traveling, but you can leave your FAQ and I'll make a special upload of them :)
September 11th, 2019
@Dalgeor: Yeah, and I am glad to find out that you too are a fan of these things! :)

I have spent last few days watching lectures and reading papers on "why people succumb to simple (often ideological) ideas and preconceptions", - VERY simply put.
At the moment, I am a bit nervous for (once again) finding out that almost everyone on this planet is more or less psychologically unstable. (Though it is mostly the background and the situation that drives them to such state.) I know about this, as I am digging in such things for a couple of years already. But, each time I submerge myself into these damp waters, I often feel like it is me who needs the "happy pills" .

I am really eager to see the future development of both your story and the characters inside it.

I only wish that such a progress would be more common in real life, not only in comics! I speak with friends who get (emotionally) beaten up a lot while trying to help others out. Some of them do this for dozens of years already; trying to help people to maintain at least some life-balance. They tell me first-hand stories of what it is like, seeing the people, doing the same kind of **** over and over again, and sometimes slowly loosing themselves to it over the years - no matter what you try. I am not surprised these "helping jobs" can be so devastating.

I myself do something similar, though thankfully, I am in more of a supportive position for those who do the real job in the streets. I have always been over-sensitive and this helps me to get into it step by step.
@Alse: I totally agree with you. And thank you for making these points about character development, I really enjoy talking about these stuff haha Nevisca never left the four herds realms before, and in her homeland her way of being and thinking always resulted in success until her son ran away so I imagine that she is still attached to her believes. Giving a chance to Elan to be right creates cognitive dissonance, as it goes against everything she was raised to believe, and that's basically why in her head she is still denying the fact that Elan might be right. But also, the best part of character development is to see them growing as the story as events unfolds so maybe she will have the chance to madure as she's living a totally new experience far away from her comfort zone :) I also try to avoid creating Mary Sue characters, so finding flaws in their personalities and actions is expected to happen as long as they have a sort of coherence with their background ♥
September 11th, 2019
@Dalgeor: Thank You for your answer.

I know these things happen in everyday life, too. I am very interested in psychology, the development of thinking and the development of a particular lifestyle.
That's why I asked. My experience made me re-think the fact that some other person's decision(s) can't (and in my opinion, even shouldn't) be judged or explained easily. When it comes to someone's deeds, we are always limited in our abilities to unriddle the reason(s) behind it.

Lol I hope I am being comprehensible here. :D

PS. I like your art and style a lot!, so don't take my comments as criticism, please. I am only "participating" in the dialogue with your story.
@Alse: Because she can't understand that, after providing the best living condition possible and even a high rank title, her son still choose to live under the risks of a old style herd lifestyle
September 10th, 2019
I don't understand one thing, why is she still following the "he is wrong" line in her way of thinking? I would think she is smarter than that?
last page is bugging me ackkk
it should be facehoof and not hoofpalm
no, nevisca, wait-
@Dalgeor: yay celebration! yay new subscribers!
Aright, B, imma bout to slap this dude. Darion isn't looking to happy, already emotionally attached to batman and ready to defend.
Oh and last panel is not cannon :p This comic was on Discovery on webtoons and got a bunch of new subscribers so I did the joke to celebrate (?)
Too good to be true.
Rude old man being very arrogant.
Is Nevisca being too naive? :o
More of Nevisca and cocky floofer. The second panel is my favourite panel of the whole comic so far :)
Batman, where art thou. Creepy elder unicorn ain't looking too trustworthy.