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How I Roll

Meet Ebi the sassy little sushi roll! Come read about her every day shenanigans! She is so excited to meet everyone!

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I WAS going to upload this at some point next week but my brain is doing that thing where it doesn't want me to sleep and I figured I'd do something at least a little productive, so here we are! Enjoy what I got!! ^_^
Happy Valentine's Day
Happy Valentine's Day internet! If you are with someone, spend some time with them! if you aren't, then remember that tomorrow is half off chocolate and other Valentine's candy! Either way, enjoy the sweets!
February 12th, 2019
Hello again!
So as of right now, there isn't going to a set time or date for when I will be uploading pages... They just kinda happen... However, if you are looking for a time frame for uploads, I'd say they will happen anywhere from a few days to a week apart from each other. Later on, when there are more, I'll put together an actual schedule. So, for now, just enjoy what I got!
February 10th, 2019
Welcome to my first ever webcomic! I hope y'all enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed making it!