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Boys Love Boys

Boys Love Boys

by SebastianSeanCrow
An anthology about male relationships of all kinds,
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7 Months Ago

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Boys Love Boys

An anthology about male relationships of all kinds,

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Artist's Notice
Like I've stated before, after page 9, this comic will be on hiatus until I get enough pages to upload again. In the meantime, please comment below what kind of "typical webcomics stuff" you want to see inbetween Demonic Love and the next installment, things like if you want a character/artist Q&A, art relating to the comic so far, character references, meet the artist, etc.

If you'd like to see previews/sneak peeks/WIPs of Boys Love Boys and other projects, the $1 tier on my Patreon will get you all of that:

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You can also follow my art online at:

Also, please fav, comment, and share this comic if you love it or even just kinda like it so far!
Currently, save for Tapas, there's no update schedule for Demonic Love. However, seeing that SmackJeeves has a queue once I get to drawing the pages themselves, this comic will most likely update 1-2 pages every Sunday. Once Demonic Love is completed, the schedule may change.
February 27th, 2019
Artist's Notice
After page 9 is live, this comic will be on a temporary hiatus until I get done working on the next half of the story. I'm almost done thumbnailing, so it shouldn't take too long before new uploads happen.