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Lumi and the Great Big Galaxy

A star tries to return home after being unknowingly sent out to grant a young girl's wish.


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no more nakey
no more nakey
Give them time.
how dare she say that about this cute lil star boyo
And that's it for this scene. Onto the next!
how big are we talkin here
You're gonna make them sick.
But it can... and did!
i like how the note is actually hard to read
"Best Friends"
April 15th, 2019
@Edoz_M: The cage is small so they couldn't have tried to without slamming into some glass, haha!
April 14th, 2019
wait if lumi can fly then why didn't they do that around page 13?
April 13th, 2019
Chapter 1 starts late April. Thanks for reading!
And with that, this concludes LATGBG's prologue! Thank you so much for reading! Chapter 1 will start up here in a few weeks, so until then I hope you'll enjoy what LATGBG has in store for you guys!

he totally wasn't going to rip your face off, or anything
Wow, we really made it to the end! Thanks for reading, I really enjoyed sharing LATGBG with you.
@Mushroom Flabs: Thank you! :>
not bad so far
[run boy run remix starts blaring]
you're grounded