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A Traveler on a lone adventure.


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No new pages this week. Taking a break before the new chapter.
@artofjoe: Happy to hear it.
@Merrsharr: Yeah, he was just too bombastic
That was a good chapter.
well... she warned him
@artofjoe: Yar, last words are nice, but never remembered and if they came back to life. It makes the words even more empty.
oh dear :o
Good, the best deaths are so unsatisfying that they are satisfying. I really appreciate how he didn't even get to say any dying last words.
@jellyfishin: Then the panel was a success! =B
@artofjoe: No...But I did consider it as a idea. Ultimately, I wanted death to have more of an impact. That there's no coming back
I am both terrified and amazed by that last panel.
Oh gross
Is that... Him?
He's a lot less than arm-less, but yeah.
@Chauer: GLAD TO HEAR IT!!
@ebonykun: Ha ha Don't worry, got big plans for her....somewhat =D
@tysia: Thank you dearly tysia!
@artofjoe: Thank you Artofjoe! Definitely trying to make it as interesting as possible.