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A Traveler on a lone adventure.


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I have 1 more plan....RUUUN press the escape key, book it, again. fleeing is always an option
@Merrsharr: Ha Ha You could always make rupee houses out of them =D
@artofjoe: Thank you Art. It came out pretty well.
@J.T.Hoff: Too bad they are worthless in this universe (cuz inflation, duh) ;)
That first panel has some cool animation.
@Berggen_Kino: They had it coming!
@Merrsharr: The credit goes to you for suggesting the idea. Although, maybe more rupees next time.
@wolfmaddness: It's the only sensible way of channeling his feelings.
@Megaboom12345: Yeah, forget selling or treating them. You better smash them if you want mad profit!
the monster is mad that you didn't brake the pots so now he's showing you how it's done.
NOOOOO The vases we hardly knew you but it smashed you in cold blood.But hey free money i saw those rubes nice touch because we all know vases= money
Noo, the jars!!
@artofjoe: Guarantee she's not going to have fun doing it XB
@Berggen_Kino: Wanted to start working on my colouring skills =P
@Berggen_Kino: Thank you, I'm a bit of a novice to animation. Never done 2D before XP
@artofjoe: I really hope they don't make a live-action Simpsons movie...oh god I don't want that!
+1 xp