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A Traveler on a lone adventure.


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Welp i'll never get in because i can't whistle worth a darn so i GOT A BOMB FOR THIS occasion but it looks like she's got this soooo maybe next time i'll blow a hole in a wall
... so it actually was music... huh
> A v > A v
@artofjoe: Happy to hear that! =) I do hope each page is worth the wait.
AAA there it is there is always a old man in every journey he's about to say it's dangerous to go alone TAKE THIS or he's a random old man with no intel but as i said it is a music puzzle yay
I'll admit, when I see that Erebus has an update I perk up a bit. :)
I love this guy's character design.
@Megaboom12345: Yes, she just needs a starfish and that door will fly open =P
@Merrsharr: The two most difficult notes known to mankind! =D
I know how to open it Stand back Spit Spit OPEN SESAME.............. Well that's all i can do also new voice new character maybe or a returning character ooo suspense also if you get my reference you are my new friend
can't be that hard, the song's only 2 notes ;p
@Ian Evans: Individually =B
@Megaboom12345: Awesome to hear you're enjoying the comic! Thank you very much, I hope I can keep up the excitement =D Also, Hello Hello
OOH puzzle and not just that a music puzzle i love it and i love this comic you are very creative with this stuff and not afraid to kill off people R.I.P Bombastic swordsman you were mot bombastic enough but really this is amazing great work i look forward to every new part BTW i'm new here Hi
@J.T.Hoff: There are distinct differences... but sometimes it is fun to guess at artist influences :)
@Merrsharr: Definitely! Our little adventure needs a full upgrade of equipment
@Ian Evans: Oh yeah. Dang it! The stuff I enjoyed as a kid is seeping into my work =D
@artofjoe: He beat you to it! but yar, trying to get better at backgrounds.
Dang it I was gonna say "pretty"
This is why sturdy boots are within the top 10 of "first things to buy as an adventurer"
next to the rope, the light source, and the backpack to carry all the adventuring stuff and loot