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A Traveler on a lone adventure.


Recent Comments

"I challenge you to a duel!"
-walks away-
"Fair enough!"
Oh definitely, Mononoke is my all time favorite movie!
Thank you very much Sophabee. Definitely took inspiration from Zelda and other games that I bloody enjoy playing
that was some studio ghibli level crap going on there.
Awesome art!
I love the atmosphere in this comic, the backgrounds are so detailed. I get Legend of Zelda vibes from it.
three different letters... but my guess is still "ass"
@artofjoe: Thank you joe! yeah, it was supposed to be take =P
I don't know if it's a typo, but "tace" should be "take" if you did that on accident.
Thank you dearly.
Oh yeah, I was considering making her quiet. But drawing exterior panels to have her communicate with hand gestures wasn't practical. Sooooo she'll talk when it benefits her
Definitely. It was actually Wind Waker that gave me the idea for the fairy. When you catch one in the game and hold it up, it looks super terrified in the bottle.
Very nice. Beautiful work.
whoa, I was expecting a silent protagonist and then BAM
This is like the baby of Legend of Zelda and Hollow Knight.
That's hilarious
@ebonykun: Ha ha Don't worry, got big plans for her....somewhat =D
@tysia: Thank you dearly tysia!
Not the fairies!! DD8