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by TailsDrawsJunk
Mettaton gets a virus; Gaster gets an opportunity
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Mettaton gets a virus; Gaster gets an opportunity

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Alphys is adorable in that first panel X3
If you like the comic and want to help me keep making it, I'd appreciate it if you considered using this link ( DROPBOX REFERRAL<br> ) to make a dropbox. It's what I use to keep all this comic stuff together and we both get extra space this way!

Or drop a
Ko-fi<br>. I'd appreciate either~

And, of course, thanks for reading! I really appreciate all of the comments
This page made me laugh out loud. I love Alphys's expressions at Mettaton's out-of-context comments. XD
Yay for lizard hugs. :3
This be the start of Mettaton's many dejavu moments.
@jellyfishin: Thank you!~ Pages where I just get to go wild are the best
That's an awesome-looking splash page. :)
I kinda wanna see Mettaton randomly turn moe now. XD
This was a fun page
Double update to kick this new chapter off!~
I've never seen a comic that focused on Mettaton! They always over look him :T I'm definitely going to read this comic :3
We're glad to be here with you in your comic ventures. Thank you so much for making this comic, and we wish you the determination to see it through! :)
No problem! And thank you for creating this, it is an AWESOME comic series!!! :D
April 20th, 2019
it hurtsit@hurtsit hurtshelpit hurtsit hurts
April 20th, 2019
Yeah, called it, definitely a deal with the Void devil.
April 20th, 2019
Gaster, I swear to God, if you hARM MY METTATON—
Oh boy, poor glitterbot is going to make a deal with the Void devil, isn't he?
March 30th, 2019
I'm uncertain what I was expecting when I started reading this but I'm pleased and intrigued thus far.
March 30th, 2019
Well, this is quite interesting. I wonder if Mettaton happens to have a determination level that's slightly elevated enough to persist but low enough to not cause a body meltdown.